Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Bath Isn't So Bad With Isle of Dogs! Review + GIVEAWAY

Hey, everyone!

I'm a neat freak (and am at times seriously's a strange combination), and that means I like my dogs clean. Nola stays clean with that short coat and her penchant for catlike cleanliness, but Pike and  Layla...well, they're dirty little buggers. ;) Thankfully, Isle of Dogs is here to help.

Isle of Dogs offer a wide array of top of the line grooming products and high quality treat to fit any pup's need. Long coat? Don't worry. White coat? They've got you covered. Wire coat? They can help with that, too!

We're trying out three different shampoos: Silky Oatmeal, which is gentle and leaves the coat soft and shiny. No. 16 White Coat Evening Primrose Oil, which is a non-bleaching formula that brings out the cool tones in white and light colored coats. And finally, No. 18 Black Coat Evening Primrose Oil. That one is for black, liver and mahogany coats and is dye and henna free.

The Silky Oatmeal is fantastic with odor control, and is gentle enough for Nola's sensitive skin and hasn't bothered Layla at all, despite every other day use (she's a dirty dog...). It doesn't take much to get a good lather worked up, and rinses clean fairly easily. I'm not a huge fan of the jasmine and vanilla scent, but it doesn't linger on the dogs and comes off skin easily.

Pike's legs tend to get very dingy looking from him running in the sandy yard, and normal shampoo doesn't cut it for him. The whitening shampoo really helped clean him up and give him a nice, bright white glow! It does have a strong smell, but leaves the coat within a few hours.
To test it out, I washed just his paws in the below photo, and left his dirty neck rough alone so you could see the difference.
Side note: Pike despises the bath and is still shunning me.

The black one works just as well as the white, and gave Layla's coat a beautiful shine and made her oh-so-soft. Because I'm a child, I was delighted with its purple color, and was pleasantly surprised that it smells nice!
However, my sensitive skin could not handle this one. Within a couple minutes of washing Layla, angry red bumps covered any skin that touched the shampoo. This is normal for me though - happens with human body wash and lotions (and bug bites, and materials, and hair stuff, and face wash, and makeup....), too.
Because of that, I didn't try this one on Nola. She sleeps in bed and has the most physical contact with me, so I wasn't going to chance this!

After all that, these pups deserved some treats! The Isle of Dogs sent us two boxes of treats: Daily Essentials Hip, Joint and Bone Health and Smile 100% Natural Apple Treats. How pretty are these boxes? I would totally eat something from these boxes if they were human food. #truth

I'd totally eat this. 

Matchy matchy!

The treats are easy to bake and these are gluten free. They make fantastic night night or crate time treats, and they smell really tasty! All the pups loved them, and I think they'll be a staple in the pups' closet.

GIVEAWAY! Isle of Dogs is giving one lucky winner their choice of treats from the Daily Essentials line. Sorry, US only. Good luck!

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- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Pawsome review! I have finishing spray (a spray that makes me look shinier I use when competing at dog shows) from Isle of Dogs!

  2. I really like Isle of the Dogs, too! I use their Tearless Puppy Shampoo exclusively on my dog's faces. It's great stuff.

    If I won I'd probably want to try the hip & joint treats. :D

  3. Mmmm, all that looks almost good enough for humans!
    Lynne x

  4. if I won I would love the Puppy Growth & Brain Development as I have a 5 month old Aussie puppy who was the runt of the litter so I have been trying to find some kind of supplements to help her grow

  5. I use Isle of Dog products and love them all! They are expensive, but worth it! I use #32 and #52 and both can be diluted successfully. The Repair product worked miracles on Bentley, too!

  6. We would like to try the Hip, Joint treats! Yum!

  7. I would like to try the one that cleans teeth and freshens breath, he has pretty good teeth and I would like to keep it that way.

  8. I would like to try the one that cleans teeth and freshens breath, he has pretty good teeth and I would like to keep it that way.


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