Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 Reasons My Dogs Never Step Foot in Dog Parks

Hey, everyone!

Today's topic was sparked by a post in one of the breed specific Facebook groups; someone asked good ways to socialize their new puppy, and the resounding answer was "take 'em to the dog park!". I cringed and kept scrolling.

Now don't get me wrong: there are some dog parks that are just lovely, and some well trained, well adjusted, well managed dogs that truly do enjoy the experience. However, I don't believe it's a good place to take a puppy. Aside form the obvious issue of diseases and parasites to such a young immune system, it's too easy for an accident to happen and your puppy to be negatively impacted for life.

Dog parks are a hot topic, and I'm firmly on the against side for my own dogs. I don't care what you do with your own dogs, so long as you weigh the pros and cons and make an educated decision.

Here are 5 of my many, many reasons why my dogs never go to dog parks.

5. Other Owners

This could be a whole separate post on people you'll find in a dog park, but other people are one of the biggest reasons I don't take my dogs to dog park. Between the oblivious owners, the way too overprotective owners, the way too underprotective owners, the asshole owners, the trashy owners, the useless owners, and all the other douchecanoes, I choose to steer clear. Very, very clear.
Also, I hate people.

"Mom does not play well with others. At all. Much like most dog park dogs!"

4. Untrained Dogs Unite!

People love to bring dogs that do not listen and have 0 manners to the dog park. One dog's over there humping another while a different dog runs pellmell away from its owner, one dog is jumping on everyone that enters and another is peeing in the water bowl.

3. My Dog is an Asshole

I love Pike, but he's an ass. He's weird, he's anxious, and he's dog selective. Not a good dog park candidate, though he'd be in good company with his fell Assholians.

2. My Dogs Are Small

I treat my small dogs like the real dogs they are, but I still know that they are at a much greater risk for injury than their larger counterparts. A moderate injury on a large dog could be fatal on my littles. It's not worth the risk, especially when I don't know and have no control over the larger dogs. 

1. My Dog is Not Small Large  Giant

Layla is still a baby, but even as an adult she will never go to a dog park. She is a giant dog, and she is a very dark brindle. Even if she wasn't involved in a scuffle, she'd be blamed simply for her size and looks. Mastiffs have the same fears and stigmas that Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers face, and it's sad and unfair...but true. 

So there you have it! Those are 5 of my biggest reasons for avoiding dog parks. How do you feel on the topic?

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. I am not a fan of dog parks either, way to overwhelming. However, once a month mom does organize a Frenchie meetup in a small dog park area. Not a lot of dogs and watching everything like a hawk
    Lily & Edward

    1. I think they can be successful as an area to have meetups when you know and get along with the other members and agree to basic codes of conduct.

      When we were on vacation in ME we went to a local park just to get Katy off leash and it was miserable because the owners were as described above. The park was beautiful and it could have been a great experience IF people had just followed the posted rules.

  2. Mum says that Cody loved going to the dog park -- there was no dogpark in our complex at that time!!! I liked the park in our complex, but did not get along with the other dogs!!! But when mum took me to the Udall dog park (which is where she med Jack and Tall Guy), I got along with ALL the dogs there!!! don't know why I liked them but not the ones in the complex!! Have not met many dogs here at the ne apt complex!!

  3. We don't have dog parks as such but we do have parks where irresponsible owners take their dogs and think it is a great place to let them off the lead and then forget about them. I tend to steer clear of them too.
    Lynne x

  4. As we are not dogs, we only can imagine what a dog park looks like. It was very interesting to read your post, especially because you own a big dog and a small dog. Our sarcastic mom, who is a teacher, says that you post can apply to a playground for children too... Purrs

  5. We used to go to the dog park and I've seen so much. Now we only go to Thousand Acres because it's a thousand acres and there's enough space to get away from people. We just hike and mind our own business. I like that park because it's not fenced and dogs have to be pretty well mannered to be out there.

  6. we took bailey to a dog park a couple of times when we first got her and she pretty much just minded her own business. she sniffed out the entire park and didn't attempt to make any friends, nor did i. (i'm not a very social person).
    but i did notice your reasons #4 & 5 in spades! if people want to have a social gathering, they should take it to a coffee shop and leave the dogs at home.
    wags, bailey unleashed

  7. I do not go to the dog park because my dogs don't like it and they really don't know what to do. We are a pack and our own play group. If you want to socialize a puppy take her walking in the park (after all vaccinations), to the pet store or anywhere else that isn't a food establishment or has a specific no pets sign. I've taken dogs everywhere - even to get the tires rotated on the car! But no dog parks!

  8. Ithink it is impawtant fur dogs to socialize but it does not have to be at a dog park. I get nervous if there are too many dogs I don't know, especially if they are big, because I am little. By the way I just found your blog and I am following you!
    From Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  9. I'm not a fan of dog parks either (people, urgh) and even if I was, my dachshund if far to anxious to be there. OMG why don't people teach their kids not to just run up and pet a strange animal!!! It's infuriating. So instead of my dog getting to live a little, I have to keep her away from the morons who don't want to teach their children proper manners to be a responsible dog parent. >.<

  10. Dear Nola's person,

    We agree. We would add, "too much standing around with nothing to do but fuss with each other or steal each other's ball".

    We much prefer forest or beach, and while we we greet most dogs very politely, we usually then keep on going. Much less stressful!


  11. No dog parks for us either.
    We feel there is too many
    irresponsible owners.
    How do you feel about owners
    taking dogs into the grocery store?


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