Thursday, June 30, 2016

Things You Should Never Say to A Dachshund Owner

Hey, everyone!

If you have a dachshund, then I'm sure it's not surprise to know that I can't take Nola anywhere without getting a flurry of comments and exclamations over her. If you don't have a dachshund...well, I can't take Nola anywhere without getting a flurry of comments and exclamations. :p They're just one of those breeds that draws a lot of attention.
Normally, I'm fine with speaking with people about Nola and the breed in general (well, as fine as any cranky introvert can be around people :p). However, there's some things that people say about my dog's breed that just set my teeth on edge, and here they are!

5. "I was bitten by one of those."

....and? Do you think my well behaved dog, who isn't even anywhere near you, is going to suddenly go ballistic and tear your face off? 
No. That's not how that works. I was bitten in the face by a Dalmatian as a young child, but I would never in a million years tell a Dal owner that, especially right off the bat! I also don't think that a Dal is going to bite me just because it's a Dal!

Does this face look liked it'd bite you? Only if you intended to harm me. 

4. "My brother/best friend/aunt/mistress had a Dachshund, but he was a lot..." 
gestures with hands to show about a foot of space 
"...wider than she is."

I hate this one. People are always boggled that Nola isn't fat, and if they aren't asking why she's so "skinny" (she is far from skinny), they're informing me of just how fat this dachshund they know of is. 

3. "My brother/best friend/aunt/mistress had a Dachshund. He was paralyzed from a back issue."

This one is just flat out upsetting, and is usually the first thing someone says. I know her breed has a high chance of IVDD and other back issues, I know there's a roughly 1 in 4 chance, I know, okay? I don't need you to bring one of my worst fears to the forefront of my thoughts. 

2. "Those fuckers never shut up!"

Or some variation of that. Yes, they can be loud. Hell, it's a full on symphony here anytime a firetruck or ambulance goes by. However, my dog isn't making a peep at that moment, and almost never barks in public. Therefore, you're wrong.

1. "Look, a wiener/hotdog/sausage dog!"

That's all I have to say about that.

That's a little more ranty than I intended, but those people bring out the worse in me. :p

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Since I have pretty much the same shape dog....I get: "Can that dog even run on those short legs?" And of course I want to say, go ahead and try and out run him. You won't win! He can run faster than you for WAY longer than you! Seriously, a human male may be able to out run my corgi in the short haul, but my corgi can SPRINT for two miles, can you?

    I also get: "What kind of a mutt is that?" but not as often as I once did.

  2. I just don't think people have filters anymore. It just doesn't relate to dogs. I've had people ask the most personal unbelievable questions and been surprised when I refused to answer. It is becoming a coarse, crude culture.

    As for dogs I've learned to ignore the pigs and where possible educate those who are just don't know any better about what they speak.

    I've had people try to lecture me about not cutting my dog's hair when it's hot in the summer time and sometimes I explain the double coat to those who might God forbid get a double coated dog and shave them. For the belligerent, I just walk away and realize you can't educate the truly stupid.

  3. I admit, I am guilty of #4. I've met a dachshund that hiked with her owners and I did tell them it was so nice to see a dachshund that was in such great shape. They didn't seem upset and told me she loves hiking and other activities that kept her trim. I really don't mean any offense by it - it's just that I see so many overweight dogs on a regular basis, I feel compelled to sometimes congratulate someone when their dog is in great shape.

    I have had people say silly things about B too. But life is entirely too short to get upset over every little utterance and I don't have the energy for that. I know some people are just trying to start a conversation in their own awkward way. Given that I am not very socially adept, I understand their awkwardness and let most things slide or use the opportunity to educate them on the fact that B is in fact, part cattle dog, and not a short Dalmation nor an Australian Shepherd. ;)

  4. I've told a Dal owner that my sister was chased down on a bike and bitten by a Dal, but it was in the middle of a conversation about how high energy the breed is, and how so many people get them because they are pretty without realizing how much attention and exercise they need, and that that dog was likely locked in the yard 24/7 and just went bonkers from lack of anything to do. And I made sure to say that I love her dog, and have met many awesome Dals- and she was a person I know reasonably well from dog sports.

    Omg, and the fat dog thing, I get it all the time with my dogs. My JRT can't possibly be a JRT, they are more barrel shaped (yeah, when they are super fat and look like bloated ticks, they are). My APBT can't possibly be a pit bull because she is so tiny- well yeah, she isn't an overgrown mixed breed mutt that is fat as all get out and called pit bull because of a wide head and short hair.

  5. I should do one of these! :D I'm sick of people asking me: "are they twins!?" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......


  6. All those comments probably get pretty old. I think some people feel they can say anything about a dog because it won't hurt the dog's feelings, but they don't think that it might be insulting to us on the other end of the leash.

    I feel kind of sad when people see Haley's gray face and say "Oooh, she's an old one isn't she". She's only nine years old but they act like she's on her last leg.

  7. The only one we get about Labs is that ours are "too skinny" and "shouldn't exercise so much". We just keep our mouths shut since the world seems to think that being obese is right for people and dogs!

    Why would any reasonable human being say any of those things to anyone whose dog they'd just met? They must be socially inept.

  8. how about "i used to have a doxie and i LOVED him. he was my best friend". cuz i did and he was :)
    wags, bailey unleashed

  9. Hahahaha!!! I need to do a similar post!


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