Monday, June 6, 2016

Quality Food Doesn't Have To Be a Hassle! #GrainFreeForMe

Hey, everyone!

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Today is our third post for Wellness® Pet Food! You can find April's post here, and May's post here, if you want to check those out and get up to speed. :)

I'm normally a bit obsessive about having a stockpile of dog food in the dogs' closet (yes, they have their own closet). I like to have a "just in case" stash; in case of what, well... that's anyone's guess, haha. If they run out? If dog food is suddenly no longer produced? If the zombie apocalypse happens? Your guess is a good as mine, haha. 

Anyway, even though I try and hoard their food, sometimes it runs out. I live in a small/poor city, one that has very limited shopping options, especially when it comes to pet food. Thankfully though, we have a PetSmart! If not for them, I'd be scrambling while waiting for ordered food to be delivered, and that would make for very impatient dogs. 
Luckily for us, PetSmart carries a wide array of Wellness products, including their Wellness Core® Line that Miss Nola is eating.

Pet parents care about what they're feeding their pups, but they also need convenience and accessibility. Most have busy lives and may not remember to order their pup's food online, and that's where PetSmart comes in. It's easy to add a trip to PetSmart into the weekly errands, and the convince of having a big selection of protein rich, wholesome pet food can't be beat. 

Wellness offers several lines of dog food to suit any budget, and it's grain free. From Complete Health™ to Core®, there's something for everyone!

Our vet practice is Banfield, and it's a big bonus for me to be able to kill two birds with one stone, and get the pups checked out and get dog food in the same trip! It also helps show Nola that something she hates (the vet) isn't so bad when it's combined with something she loves (food, of course!). 

My most recent Wellness favorite is the Core Air Dried dog food. It's so squishy! Nola loves it, and it makes a great complete meal, a fun topper, or a high value treat. Just look at that face!

If you've been wanting to try your dogs on Wellness, the Core line is currently $2.00 off at PetSmart through the month of June!
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- Dachshund Mommy

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  1. It is so important to have good food in our pups and something yummy!!

  2. I've occasionally fed Wellness when rotating kibbles. Haven't tried the air dried one though.

  3. Definitely sounds awesome.
    Quality food doesn't need to be a hassle for us humans either! Lol


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