Thursday, June 23, 2016

BlogPaws, #1

Hi, everyone,

We arrived in Phoenix yesterday after a long, harrowing day of travel. The hotel is lovely, and it isn't as hot as I was anticipating. Nola's handling it all well, though we're both completely overwhelmed and exhausted. It's a great event, and I'm very grateful to our sponsor, Wellness, for the opportunity. However, I'm excited to go home. :) Nola and I are both introverts that get drained by crowds easily. Plus, our bodies are two hours ahead of Phoenix time, so 8 here is 10 our time!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's events. We got to see some fun friends, including a few that have been so helpful and welcoming. :) I don't think I'll be commenting too much until we head home, since I am drained and need the evenings to just...recharge and have some quiet time. We'll be back to our regular commenting schedule next week.

American Animal Hospital Association tea

Tired Noly.

Shasta! His momma has been amazing to us.

Sleepy pup.


Nola was so good at dinner. I really appreciated a gluten free pasta option! It's a bit harder to eat outside of home when you don't eat sugar though, so this made my belly a little upset.

A bunny on the grounds!

It's important to stay hydrated out here! Nola's been diligently drinking electrolyte water.

She's a little bloated from all the snacks she had on the flight here.

How NOT to use a pee pad. :p


  1. Oh DM, please enjoy yourself! This is an awesome trip. It will prep you for the big one you have coming up. consider this your test run.

    We're so glad you got to meet all those wonderful people and pups, especially Sugar.

    Have a great time!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Oh my goodness you met friends in the furs!
    Lily & Edward

  3. My recommendation is to not feel like you have to go to a class every single session period. If you guys are feeling overwhelmed, look at the schedule, and pick a time you aren't particularly interested in any of the offerings, and use that time to sit and relax with no one else around. You feel pressure to get in there and go to all the classes and learn all the things, but trust me, if you need the down time, take the down time instead.

  4. I've been twice and I can say, it's very exhausting. But a lot of fun too.

  5. I wish I was still in AZ where I could have met you! Phoenix has some great gluten-free restaurants, but I also completely understand that recharging in the evening is a must. If you ever head back that way let me know and I'll give you a couple of places to go.

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  6. It looks like you two have been busy! I'd be tired too!

  7. Very happy that you made it there safely. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Please keep us posted when you can and be safe

  8. So glad you arrived safe and sound! Hang in there, we are sure you are going to learn tons!!

  9. Have fun - can't wait to get your posts when you get back!

  10. Aw have a blast!! I'm jealous!

  11. That looks tiring but a fun trip! I'll be planning to go on a trip maybe this month with my pooch and I couldn't contain my excitement. I have read few blogs about dogs with sensitive stomach as it might come in handy when we are there. I enjoyed the photos! They're so adorable! <3


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