Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring Cleaning with PL360 + Giveaway!

Hey, everyone!

While not a full on neat freak (though sometimes I toe the line!), having a clean and tidy space is important to me. Add in consideration for Nola's health, and concerns over my own sensitive skin, I'm paying more and more attention to what comes into the house. Food and cleaning products, especially!

Enter PL360. They're passionate about keeping things simple, safe and natural for both you and your furry friend. They offer natural grooming products, supplements, and cleaning products. We're working with them to review their Multi-Surface Cleaner and Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes!

First, the cleaning wipes. They come in a 75 count canister, contain no bleach, ammonia, phosphates, sulfates, or phthalates, and are non-scented. As someone with an insanely sensitive nose, I appreciate this! I also don't like using heavily perfumed anything, out of respect for the pups' heightened sense of smell. If it's strong to me, I can't image what they're smelling!
They can be used on most everything, from toys to countertops to walls to stainless steel. They're incredibly convenient for little messes! Nola has a habit of jumping at the backdoor to go out to potty, or to come in, and it's so nice to be able to grab a little wipe and clean up any paw prints or "nose arts".
They're a tad dry, so it takes a tad more vigorous scrubbing than other wipes to clean things up, but like I said, highly convenient.

Something sticky...no clue what!

Sigh... the cabinets need repainted. Oh well, at least they're clean now!

Next, the spray. This was by far my favorite, and I have no doubt it'll become a stable in our house. This is a 32oz, multi-surface spray that can be used on pretty much anything. It's suppose to be citrus scented, but it's so faint I don't think most people could pick up on it.
It works for everything! Dirt smudges, nose art and finger prints on windows, general grime, funk of stainless steal, countertops, ect. Personally, I was most impressed with how great (and streak free!) it worked on glass and stainless.
To test it out, here's a greasy hand print on the fridge. I sprayed it, wiped with a paper towel, and boom.

So shiny, and no streaks!

A great thing about both of these products is they did not bother my skin at all. I don't think I can express how huge that is. My skin hates everything, and will break out in rashes or pimples at the faintest brush of certain things. I have to use free and clear body wash and detergent, lots of hand soap bothers me, I don't wear makeup, the vast majority of lotion breaks me out, certain materials, plants and fur types bother me....the world is out to make me red, itchy and miserable. Thankfully, PL360 is freakishly sensitive skin tested and approved!

Overall, I'm very happy with PL360, and will be using their products in the future.

PL360 is offering one lucky winner a fantastic giveaway prize! Follow the instructions below to enter, and good luck!

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- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Great post! Us pups can get a bit dirty here and there from time to time!

    Your friend,
    Chris da Dachshund

  2. I'm always looking for natural and convenient ways to clean the textured floor of my boat. The texture is vital for keeping us from slipping underway. But it traps dirt. And I don't want to use anything that will harm marine life.

  3. I would love something I can use on our windows and window ledges. Both pets LOVE to sit in the windows so I'm very nervous about using chemicals that are not safe for them. I typically just use soapy water and a soft cloth. This sounds great!

  4. I'd probably work on the windows. Someone likes to stalk the chipmunks in the yard, so there are always nose prints.

  5. Oh man. Wiping cat paw prints off the counter is probably the number one use of cleaning stuff in this house.

  6. Great post! I love products from PL360! I would definitely clean my counter tops first. Having cats bouncing around all over the counters, it's always the first place I clean.

  7. Love the fact that these PL360 products don't bother your skin & work well! We have similar issues here. :)

    1. We would definitely try it on the stainless steel first!

  8. Wows, no streaks on Stainless?! Love that! Ma usually uses rubbing alcohol on the stainless so it doesn't streak, butts sometimes it doesn't get all the mystery stuffs off! ☺
    I've never tried these, I thinks I will put it on my list!
    Ruby ♥

  9. I am always looking for new cleaning stuff!!


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