Monday, May 23, 2016

My Dog's Too Good For Blogging

Hey, everyone!

I always love reading the hilarious tales of "bad dog" antics whenever I'm scrolling through my blog roll, as well as Facebook and Instagram. They're always funnier when they're not happening to you, it's true, but some of these bloggers make me crack up when they recount their dog anecdotes. Not only is it amusing, it's a great insight that bloggers don't have perfect dogs. It's a much needed reality check sometimes, I think!


Here on my blog though, I don't share any naughty behavior from The Tiny Terror. Why? Well, to be perfectly honest.....

My dog is too good for blogging.

"Who, me???"

Yep, it's true. There's no funny recounts of mischief because Nola almost never does anything bad, so long as her physical and mental needs are met. She doesn't chew what she isn't suppose to (she barely chews what she is suppose to). She doesn't destroy anything. She doesn't bother other animals. She's not a digger. So long as she's with me, she's not an escape artist. Save for one incident in over five years, she's never blown me off during training.  She's great with kids. She's at ease in new situations. She's nearly obscenely well behaved. 
Her only issue is she'll pee inside if I use any kind of ear wash on her, even if I let her outside immediately after.... I'm usually not one to think dogs are vindictive by nature, but sometimes she makes me wonder with that, because she won't potty inside otherwise. 

Normally, I love this about her. The first 18 months were rough for us, and she must have gotten all her mischief out during that time, because now she's damn near perfect and that must be my reward for all our hardships. ;) 
However, when it comes to blogging, this girl often leaves me scrambling for new material. I can only be like "look at these pretty pictures of my pretty dog" so many times, you know? I'll admit to asking her to be a little wicked, just for a blog post. She gives me a baleful look, and continues on with her bad good self. Oh, well! I'm not too bummed about my goody-two-shoes pup. ;)

It's a hard life, but someone's gotta live it. 
Does anyone else have a dog like Nola, a pup that's almost too good?

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Well, I finks I is too good to be true...butt *sigh* the peeps might well disagree wiv me!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. You know it's not me. So, Mommy was encouraged about the 18 month part. There may be an end to my mischief? I'm diligently training Mommy with lots of positives. I get "No!" for dangerous acts and "no bark" for barking at big dogs. Mommy's so smart I have to come up with harder and harder challenges for her. You sure are pretty Nola.

  3. I know, right? My Dachshund Chris (who is NOT your typical stubborn, energetic Dachshund but instead is super eager to please and relaxed and sweet) wouldn't be able to pull off a dog shaming post!

  4. Oh Nola you are a goodie2shoes! BOL Mom took me to doggy day care twice for 2 hours. She thought I would like it. NOT! Both times I came home, looked up at her and peed right there on our pretty rug
    Lily (& Edward)

  5. Nope! LOL My dogs can be trouble makers but I think they are perfect as they are. I do think Tubby was pretty much the perfect dog, he never had an accident loved every one walked well etc. He passed las year. I love all my dogs the ame though

  6. Both of my dogs are excellent house dogs and great companions. They may not like other dogs or kids but they are great house dogs and hardly ever get into trouble at home. There's much to be said for a good house dog. After going to work and dealing with everyone else's "problem" dogs, it's nice to come home and know that my dogs have been good and I don't have any messes to clean up or issues to deal with.

    That's why I've had trouble blogging this week. I've been sick and we haven't really done anything or gone anywhere. Our "problems" tend to lie with other people's dogs and children. If people would just be responsible and give other people space we would literally have a similar blog post. LOL

  7. These days both my dogs are pretty darn good. Sometimes I don't know what I will blog about, because the blog was started to help me cope with my crazy gal! She is pretty darn good and well Phod has never really been bad. I feel lucky! (Knock on wood!)

  8. Nope. No relating, haha. Sweet Nola is beautiful and I love seeing pictures of her!!

  9. um...hell NO! Life would be SOOOO boring if I didn't gets in any mischief! I guess Ma is just a bad doggie Mom...or I'm just a terrierist...maybe both...
    Ruby ♥

  10. bailey is also too good for blogging. most of my posts are just showing her sleeping, modeling a new outfit or of a travel adventure. my hubby and i always say she's just like having a little doll because she's so calm and quiet. i've got to admit, i've been known to put naughty ideas into her head just to get a post out of it. BOL
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  11. Nola you is the pawfect doggy around! I must not let my humom come visit your page or her just might expect the same from me ;)

  12. I love seeing the photos you take of Nola!

  13. Mr. N has his moments but he's 99 percent good! Still working on that last percent.

  14. I feel your pain. I am more likely to be the cause of the out take than Montecristo!

  15. Enjoy it! I feel like she has a certain "diva-ness" to her.


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