Friday, April 8, 2016

Fit On Friday: Tug Time!

Nola is very, very particular about her tug toys. She only likes the Skineeez/no stuffing type, with a squeaker, preferably also crinkly, and it must be new. She turns her nose up at old tug toys, even ones that have been put up and are new to her. Little snob. ;)
When she gets a new tug though, she goes wild!

She bounds out of frame!

And doesn't hold still to let me focus...


  1. She's so cute! My girls are very similar in that new toys are always better. I try to wash old stuffies here and there so they are like new. It tends to help!

  2. Fun! I love tug, too!

    Your Dachshund friend,

  3. We are big skineez (with squeaky) lovers here too (although the squeaker is removed within 5 minutes). I wish our pack didn't like old toys, but the older and stinkier the more they want to play with it :-)

  4. Cocoa loves to play tug. And it is a good arm workout for me!!

  5. Oh I loves those skineez! Butts they GOTS to have the squeaker...a toy isn't a toy without a squeaker! The more annoyin' the betters! BOL
    Ruby ♥
    pees: nice tug form gurl!

  6. Those teeth! That drive! Those muscles!!

  7. How fun! We loves those toys too but mom says we destroy them much too quickly! BOL!


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