Thursday, January 21, 2016

Challenge Your Dog With Outward Hound Kibble Drop Food Puzzles

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Everyone knows dogs need physical exercise, but mental stimulation is just as important! Play, training, and food puzzles all help your dog focus their energy in a positive way, making him or her use their brain, and results in a calmer, happier dog. A dog's mental stimulation needs vary, but they all benefit from it.

If you're short on time, or would like to see your dog work something out completely on her own, food puzzles are a great option. Put your dog's kibble in one, and let em at it! Food puzzles engage the sense of smell, the foraging instinct, and challenge your dog to work out problems. Sometimes it's fun to see the more...creative ways they get to the food. ;)

The The Outward Hound Kibble Drop Puzzle Toy is especially good for kibble, as the name says. This BPA, PVC and phthalate free toy has four treat chambers, each with a scent guide to entice your pup to search. Each leg has a gripper on the bottom to help prevent sliding on the floor, and it's easy to pop in the dishwasher.

Nola loves food puzzles, and was very quick to figure this one out (if anyone has a really difficult puzzle toy, please share!). After doing it "the right" way a few times, she decided it worked much better if she lifted a leg of the toy with her mouth, slammed it down onto the floor, and then eat all the kibble that bounced out. Well, it's one way to do it....

And lift...and slam....

And lift...and slam.

Here she is using it the right way:

This is definitely a toy to used supervised, and it's not very challenging for Nola. Still, it's a well made toy, and I love that it's easy to clean! It's a great starter puzzle, for sure.

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. That looks like a really cool puzzle toy! That's funny that Nola figured out a "better" way to make it work! Haha!

  2. We have looked for everything to entertain Cocoa!! She needs mental toys.

  3. I like the lift and slam method. I have a couple of puzzles for B that have been difficult for me. B figures them out fairly quickly but I never read directions and am often surprised by where the treats come out. Since Nola is wicked smart maybe you can invent your own challenging puzzle for her?


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