Thursday, December 10, 2015

Roxie's 7 Week Update

Hey, guys!

Thank you so much for Nola's Gotcha Day wishes!

"Thank you, everyone!"

Roxanne has been here for 7 weeks now (as of Saturday), so here is this week's update. She's like a real dog now!

Vet Report

Roxie's vet appointment was Friday, and it couldn't've been better. She had her first skin scraping since the initial demodex mange diagnosis, and it was CLEAR!!! I'm kind of surprised she turned out clear on the first check, given how low a dose of Ivermectin she's on and just how bad her case was. I'm so happy!
When dealing with mange, you treat for a month, do a skin scraping, and if it's clear, you keep treating for another two weeks and then scrape again. If both scrapings are clear, the mange is gone. We have another check next week I believe, so fingers crossed it's another clear!

At her last visit she was 35lbs, and this time she was up to 39.5lbs! That's a 16.5lb weight gain since she arrived here at 23lbs. She's on the more thin side of ideal, so we're aiming for around 45lbs if she's done growing, and looking at around 50-55lbs if not. 

She was given another set of vaccines, and took it like a champ. She's so stoic with all the handling, poking and prodding. She has one more set of shots that'll be done at the next appointment, and (provided her scraping is clear) after that she's done until her spay. That will be a few months off; I want her to be at the ideal weight, with good muscle tone, fully furred, ect. 

Nola came for moral support. This was the second time I brought the pair of them, and both times Roxie has done 10x better with her there. 


She's pretty much totally out of her shell now! It's amazing to see this girl blossom. From cowering at everything and just being completely and beat down, to becoming this goofy, loving, happy dog. 

She's a high energy dog with high prey drive, high toy drive, medium-low food drive, and she'll even work for praise and affection. I've never had a dog like that, so it's interesting to see and figure out how best to work that. She will do anything for a game of fetch or tug, and will happily play forever.

She's high energy, like I said, and if she doesn't get some of that out she has trouble calming herself down. She's easily over-aroused if not exercised, and this is when she'll fixate on something she views as prey (cat, neighbors' dog, chickens, Olivia....), may or may not start frantically barking, and has to be removed from the situation. It's like a switch goes off when that happens and nothing in the world exists for her except whatever it is she wants. 
Thankfully she can manage herself better when she's blown off some steam, and is receptive to redirection. Working on giving in to leash pressure has been hugely helpful with this. Once her focus is broken, she's able to resettle on to me and be redirected with affection or a toy. We're going to be doing lots of LAT (look at that!), impulse control overall, and maybe work in some premack principle when it's squirrels or similar things she wants.

She's pushy and pretty rude with other dogs, though not nearly as bad as she used to be. Nola's nixed that one, thankfully. She has a tendency to bully/be too forward with more timid dogs like Olivia, so I'm still having Roxie on leash or Olivia crated when Roxanne's in the yard. She's not at all aggressive, just playful, pushy, and very strong. She does best with confident, secure dogs that don't mind giving a quick correction for rude behavior. If she's around them, she becomes a behaving playmate and dog friendly dog. If it's a less confident dog, she's a bulldozer. It's all about management, especially given her bully breed mix. While she displays no dog aggression and is not a pure bred anything, I'm erring on the side of caution.

This is the closest Pike has gotten to her since she came home. 

She's learned to give The Merle Moron a wide berth. 

My other dogs are a quarter of her size, and while Nola will occasionally race around the yard with her or play a game of bitey face, they generally refuse to play with her the way she wants. My sister has a Black Mouth Cur mix that's around Roxie's age and almost her size, and so they get to play together frequently. They have so, so much fun! Roxie loved being able to roughhouse, and it's great to have such a tired out dog. ;)

She's still hand shy and will flinch if you unexpectedly touch her, but aside from that she's pretty much a normal dog. It's just like having a puppy in an adult sized body, haha. She's house and crate trained, and walks well on leash for the most part, but is mouthy and will jump up if excited. Working on both of those, and they've lessen hugely, especially in this past week. 

No resource guarding, no aggression, no reactivity, ect. I lucked out with how well she's bounced back from the hell she came from!


Socializing is what we've been doing lately! She went to the vet, PetSmart (which is technically the same thing since our vet is Banfield, but up until that day it'd just been in and out visits) and Lowes last week. That was the first time she felt comfortable and safe enough to walk into the vet on her own, which was huge. 
Nola went with us, and it's so interesting to see how she looks to Nola for how take a situation. Nola is a confident dog that's comfortable in pretty much all situations (the amount of socialization that girl had as a puppy is kind of insane), and Roxie emulates that when she's with her. Nola was excited to go, so Roxie was excited to go. Nola walked loose lead, so Roxie walked loose lead. Nola didn't spook at carts/people/automatic doors/cars, so Roxie didn't spook. Nola didn't try and greet other dogs, so Roxie ignored them. It was so, so neat to see.
The one spot she didn't follow Nola was around people. Nola is aloof, and the only person she cares about is me. Roxie loves people, especially kids. She wants to say high to everyone she sees, which is good! She'll grudgingly leave people alone if we don't stop, but that doesn't stop her from looking at them imploringly and wagging her tail. 
I'm going to keep getting her out in the world and experiencing as many things as possible. She did so well in Lowes! She was even okay with the machinery and such. It was awesome.

I just love this girl. <3 So attentive and well behaved!

Tandem loose leash walking!
This is what she dose. She wraps her front legs around your thigh, and leans in for a hug. It's adorable.

I haven't done much with her yet in the way of obedience training. Right now it's all about the real life skills she needs to live in a house/be comfortable in life, and the things she missed as a puppy. For example:
  • Not mouthing
  • Get in your crate
  • Learning that human touch will not hurt 
  • Not jumping up
  • Learning to politely play and greet dogs
  • Accepting grooming (bathing, brushing teeth, and especially dremeling nails)
  • Creating positive association to the things that unnerve her
Since she's doing so well with that, I'll start on obedience training in the next few days. 

Random Notes

  • She learned to open her crate door a few days ago, making her the third dog in my gang to do it. Nola, Pike and Roxie are all in the Crate Opener Club. Livvy, bless her, doesn't think that way. :p Roxanne now has a carabiner clip to keep her contained. 
  • Her favorite thing to do in the evenings is get every single dog toy out and spread them across the floor.
  • She is obscenely strong for 40lbs.
  • She is fully furred on her legs, and nearly so on her face.
  • She's now accepting teeth brushing and nail grinding!

Then and Now

Sorry for the novel!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. She is a completely different dog! It is amazing what 7 weeks can do! Congrats to you for all your hard work and patience with her!

  2. I love that Nola is helping her see the world with less fear! Nola is such an amazing dog - she's like a therapy dog for Roxie! Loved every bit of this update. It's hard to believe it was only 7 weeks ago - she looks so, so different! I also think it is great that she has a dog her size to play with! I am not surprised she learned to open the crate - after all, Nola has been her mentor. ;)

  3. We get all terry and slobbery when we see how you took care of Roxy! Thanks to you she will have a wonderful life
    Love & Peas,
    Lily & Edward

  4. She is seriously a beautiful girl. Oh my goodness, that hugging is too much sweetness!! She was meant to be yours and these updates make me smile and so happy!!

  5. Love all the updates! She is so pretty!

  6. The difference in her is like night and day. That shot taken from the top showing all her bones is unrecognisable now.
    Sounds like the training is really working. I find it so awful that she is afraid of hands. Wasn't starving her almost to death enough without doing god knows what as well.
    Lynne x

  7. I can't believe the difference. What a sweetheart. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing the update.

  8. What a wonderful job you are doing with her - she is so lucky to have been found by you
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  9. What Great news! I love how Nola has taken Roxie under her wing and Roxie follows. That is so cool! I can't believe it has only been 7 weeks. She looks fantastic! Does she bark?

    You did a great job. Thank you so much for taking care of her.

  10. She has come so far, and it's been so amazing to see. Just knew that she would change and blossom so much with you taking care of her!

  11. Roxie is looking so good! I'm so glad to read about how well things are going with her! It's shocking to look back at her first week and to see how good she looks now!

    That's so awesome that your sister has a big dog she can play and roughhouse with! It looks like she's having a blast!

  12. She looks great. I am so impressed with all of her progress!

  13. What a wonderful sight to see!! Roxie has come so very far with your love and training!!! You sooooo rock, so does Roxie!!

  14. Look at the amazing transformation! There is a reason she was lead to you. Bless your heart!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  15. Amazing, just absolutely amazing!~
    The difference in this dog is beyond words!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  16. Amazing, just absolutely amazing!~
    The difference in this dog is beyond words!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. Roxie looks like a different dog, such a wonderful improvement for only 7 weeks! Love the way she looks to her big sister Nola for guidance. :)

  18. What an incredible transformation, in every way. Angel K was the same way, wanting to meet everyone. She'd try to catch their eye and then start wagging. We called her a "flirt" for it :)

    I just can't believe what a miracle Roxie has had. She is so lucky you drove by that day 7 weeks ago.

  19. Dear Roxie,

    Hurray for finding such an amazing family! You look pawesome, and I know you're working very hard with your person! Keep up the good work, friend. We're all smiling and wagging for you!



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