Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Lucky Scare and POTP Request

Hey, guys!

UPDATE #1: Wednesday, 7:30am CT
Lucky is still having tremors and severe balance issues. She made it through the night, but I'm still worried. If it doesn't start to improve we'll be going into the vet's again later today and go from there. This girl needs all the positive thoughts, prayers, POTP, ect you can give her. 

I'm writing this Tuesday night after just getting back from the vet with Lucky. She is in serious need of some good vibes, prayers, power of the paw, whatever you fancy...and if you could put in a quick word for my sanity, that'd be great and much appreciated. :p

Okay, so this (Tuesday) evening at 5:10pm -I know the exact time as I freaked and texted my mom -, I went to get Lucky out of her crate to go potty. I immediately noticed something was off. She was jerking her head every few seconds, and did not want to move. My mind immediately went to thoughts of "oh my god, she's having a seizure and is going to die", even though it wasn't presented like the limited number of seizures I've seen. She was completely aware and responsive, for one thing.
After a minute or two she came out of the little spell and seemed normal for her, so I leashed her up and took her out front to potty. She was having some difficulty with her back end; not exactly staggering, but off balance. My house is a one story, but she had trouble getting over the small lip of the front door to get into the house. Aside from that, she seemed okay.

Maybe 10 minutes later she had another episode, and after calling the vet and describing what was happening, she went in. They fit us in right away, and we saw the same vet and tech we'd seen the day before. I'd taken a video of her having an episode, but by the time we arrived she was in the midst of another one and they got to see first hand what was going on.
I told them in detail about how she'd been that day (normal until the early evening), which of her medications she'd had (skin spray, wormer, ear wipes, ear ointment, and eye ointment that morning), what and how much she'd eaten/drunk (1 1/4c puppy food and 1/4c wet food over 5 meals, plenty of water), how her pottying was (fine, "normal" for her), all the details.

Her temp was normal, and heart rate was normal and lungs sounded fine. The vet even said her skin looked a bit better than it had the previous day. His initial suspicion was either anemia, or perhaps a reaction to one of her meds, though he wasn't certain. They took her to the back to draw blood (PCV/hematocrit) and watch her episode at greater length.

After a nail biting 20 minutes, he came back in and said her levels were seriously low for an average dog, but given her condition, they could be much worse. He's concerned, but not panicked about it just yet. He gave her an injection of vitamin B-complex, and prescribed some iron/vitamin drops. We're going back Friday for another blood draw, and if her levels haven't improved or have worsen, she'll need a transfusion. That's the bad news.

The good news is that these episodes are not seizures. There were a lot of technical terms, and while I grasped it all, I'm freaking exhausted and I'm not functionally at full capacity right now. ;) I'll try to explain as best I can.
The vet suspects she's having a toxicity reaction to the ointment used to treat her ear infection. Something in it's triggering the neurological responses for her tremors and her balance issues. While incredibly uncommon, this type of thing can crop up if the dog is sensitive to whatever drug prescribed. Since she has no medical history, we're going into all of this blind. Her ears were flushed out in order to get as much of the ointment out as possible, and the use of it immediately stopped. If this doesn't help, we'll start looking at other options.

There's a multitude of other things that could be triggering the tremors, but once you compile all the evidence and add in the fact she hadn't been trembling prior to adding in the drugs, it points to one of the drugs. If not, more extensive bloodwork will be done and we'll go from there.

We spoke to the staff and asked frankly if we were being selfish, if we were making her suffer. They don't believe so, and they think she can be saved. It'll be a long road, but she could come out on top despite it all. I completely trust them, and I was so glad to have that reassurance.

Left at 7pm, and it's 9:50 right now. She's still twitching and having trouble with her balance, but there's been slight improvements already: she's more alert and seems less frightened by them, she's walking completely under her own power for short potty breaks, and while she's still very clumsy, she's no longer face planting like she was before we went in.
She's peed twice, had a few sips of water and a few bites of chicken breast. Having her in blankets in her crate in the dark seems to really be helping her.

I'm hoping so hard that it was just the ear medications. I'm terrified every time I walk by her crate, petrified I'll look in it and find her dead. I didn't think I could get attached to a dog so quickly. I'm emotionally spent, and we've only just begun. All I want is for her to make it, and have a life that will help make up for the horrors she's endured. It's fucking heartbreaking.

So that's that. I'll try and get an update in on this post in the morning!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. That poor baby. I so admire you for taking her in and giving her the best chance possible to live and long and healthy life with you. We have done that in the past (back in the early 90's) and were so rewarded by two of the best dogs we've ever had. One of them (Dusty) lived to be 18 years old. We send you lots and lots of POTP and prayers for a full recovery for sweet Lucky.

  2. We are sending so many good vibes and hugs to you and Lucky. So happy to hear the episodes were not seizures. Come on Lucky were standing behind you we got your back
    Lily & Edward

  3. Sending you lots of good thoughts, luffs and hugs. Paws crossed Lucky, come on sweetie you can get through this
    Lvoes and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. I am sending you ALL the good thoughts and vibes and prayers that this sweet girl gets better fast and that the doctors know exactly what to do for her and that you get some peace and rest. You must be exhausted emotionally and physically but know that you are doing something so beautiful for this sweet girl.

  5. Praying you both have the strength to get through this. I know it must be tough - I feel attached to Lucky and I am not even the one taking care of her - so I can't even imagine the emotions you are experiencing. Your love for her is coming through loud and clear and whatever happens - she is soooo much better off having you care for her and showing her kindness that she has probably not experienced before. Her poor little body may be a little overwhelmed with all those meds - hopefully the vet can figure out how to remedy her reaction. Hang in there - praying for you both in Jesus' name!

  6. POTP. Poor little girl. I think it is great that you asked if you were being selfish in trying to save her. I subscribe to the belief that just because you can doesn't mean you should and there is a fine line between saving life and prolonging suffering. Given how much she has been through it isn't a surprise that her body is reacting negatively to a few things. Hang in there.

  7. She is going to be just fine. You were meant to drive down that road at that exact time. She is where she needs to be, with you. She is going to bring a new form of joy to your life. And in return, you will give her a happy life. Karma.

  8. That must have been really scary for you both. Good idea to take a video of what was happening. It really does sound like some kind of reaction, hope it is and they have found the cause. I am not surprised she is anemic and god knows what else, given her condition.
    We are sending healing vibes, prayers, love and positive thoughts!
    Lynne x

  9. I hope it was just the ear ointment and that she starts to feel better soon! Poor little girl! She is so lucky to have you!

  10. Sending you all some good vibes ~~~

    Come on, Lucky, you can pull through, I know you can!

  11. OMD, you must be a wreck. Lucky is indeed Lucky that you're looking out for her and that the vet staff is taking such good care of her.

    Sending you our very best healing wishes for Lucky, a calm spirit for you, and wisdom for the vet and vet staff.

    Hoping to hear good news soon.

  12. Sending 30 paws of luck and healing power! (4 cats, our 2 dogs and Griffin-dog, since we're watching him this week; his giant schnauzer paws are huge! :)
    Hope Lucky starts to feel better ASAP!

  13. You've got all the POTP and prayers my little family can muster. Ear issues can really cause problems but often they are short lived. We pray that it clears up soon so she can thrive under your loving care.

    Abby Lab

  14. We are sending lots of POTP your way. Lucky is, without a doubt, one of the luckiest pups in the land to have you for a caretaker!

  15. 24 Power of the Paw, crossed for both of you.

    1. Just caught on your new arrival. Good luck. We are praying for you.

  16. Sending POTP. I hope with all my heart that Lucky is "lucky" and can pull through all of this. I am so glad you had that tough conversation with the vet, and the vet has hope. I have hope too. Hang in there.

  17. we hope that Lucky is doing better this evening. We are sending tons of POTP
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  18. Oh, how awful! I sure hope Lucky starts improving, and thank dog you are there to help. Sending some POTP your way!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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