Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Expenses

Hey, guys!

How are we already in August?!
It's once again time to tally up what I spent on the pets (if you didn't see yesterday's post, we now have a cockatiel, so I'm lumping him in with the dogs when it comes to expenses) last month.

This month is a bit harder to break down, since I placed several orders with Coupaw.com with a fantastic promo code and only wound up paying $0.98 - $25 an order, so I'll just guesstimate what goes where. It's also been the most expensive month, since I bought dog food before I knew about the deal, plus Finn's (cockatiel) cost. On the bright side though, I'm set for dog food for Nola for 1-2 months, and everyone else at least 3! The joys of teeny tiny dogs, eh? ;)

July 2015 Expenses

Food: $83.19
Treats: $2
Toys: $6
Health: $75
Vet: $0
Grooming: $0
Misc: $125

TOTAL: $291.19

Ouch. Food was primarily two bags of Pike and Olivia's food, since the other four bags I bought were so stupidly cheap. It was also bird food, and millet. 
Treats and toys were also from the discount, and was three bags of treats and three toys. 
Health was the girls' flea meds for the remainder of the year (until Oct-Nov, depending on when the bugs finally die).
Misc. was the Cockatiel's cost, plus a little travel cage. 

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. They are expensive, but sooooo worth it!

  2. We had an expensive month, too but those deals were so worth it! I think we have enough food to last a couple of months, too! (Which is awesome because supposedly we are due for a catastrophic earthquake - insert eyeroll) :D

  3. We seem to always have an expensive month and there are only two of us!
    Lily & Edward

  4. Expensive month....but now you're all set for awhile so definitely worth it!

  5. Interesting to do a break down like that!

  6. I should really be keeping track of this as well... but I'm kind of afraid to see how much I spend!


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