Monday, January 12, 2015

A Random Monday Ramble

Hey, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. :) Ours was pretty laid-back and lazy, although I did score a great haul of books (24!) at our local thrift store.  The weather's been bitterly cold for Florida, but thankfully we haven't had much rain. Unfortunately, that comes back with a vengeance today and tomorrow. Sigh. I thought this was Florida, not Washington State!

I attempted to write a Dachshund Nola Debates post for today, but I'm just not feeling that organized at the moment, haha. I tried, and nothing happened but a jumble of half formed ideas that didn't make sense even to me. So, here's a quick little update of what we've been up to. I'm going to take lazy one step further and break out the bullets. Brace yourselves, folks. ;)

  • As of Dec. 30th, I've cut out virtually all added sugar in my diet. That means that if sugar isn't naturally occurring in the food, I avoid it. It is mind boggling how sugar is in virtually everything! Even things that don't taste sugary have added sugar.                                               The first two or three days were difficult, mostly because I'd have a Coke every other day or so prior to this (caffeine withdrawal headaches are a bitch, let me tell you), but now I feel amazing. I don't feel sluggish at all, I'm sleeping better and on a more normal schedule, I don't feel bloated after eating, my skin is clearer, and my energy is 100x better. I've lost 2lbs, and I wasn't overweight, at all. I'm 5'6", and am 114lbs now. 2lbs of just sugar. It was scary.                                                                                                                     One of the best parts of doing this is how good food tastes. The flavors are so sharp and vivid, and it's a pleasure to eat. I don't want to eat as much in one sitting, so now I have a small meal every 2 hours or so and feel great. When I'm hungry though, I am absolutely ravenous.                           

  • If anyone is on Goodreads, you might've seen the 2015 reading challenge that's been floating around. I'm an avid reader, and decided to take it. This challenge allowed you to set your own goal, rather than a fixed selection, and I - a bit ambitiously, I'll admit - set my goal to 300 books. It seems like a lot, but with the amount I read I'm confident I'll be able to finish it. I've completed 8 so far, and already have found a book series that's made its way onto my favorites list. A good start, I'd say.

  • Nola is learning "Cop Cop", which is a trick where you teach your dog to put their front paws on your feet and to walk with you. We've only done a couple of sessions, but she's doing amazing!
"I'm smart!"

  • Pike is a creature of habit. I know this, but I wasn't expecting the freak out that occurred when I switch the location of his crate and tried to have him in a new, slightly larger one. He flipped! He's now back in the crate he's been in since he was a puppy. Crisis averted.
"I'm a freak!"

  • Olivia has lost nearly all her puppy teeth, and thankfully didn't experience the retained canines that Nola dealt with.
I'm growing up!

  • On one day that was colder than a well digger's asshole when it was quite chilly, the sprinkler was left on overnight so there'd be ice on the tree and grass the following morning. The dogs were fascinated by it! Nola was freezing, of course, but Pike and Livvy enjoy the cold with their thick double coats.

Pike realized that squatting down to pee left him with some...unpleasant sensations. ;p

I prefer the beach, thank you very much.

What's been going on in your world?

Dachshund Mommy


  1. I luffs the idea of Random Mondays, somehow that doesn't make the start of the week feel quite so daunting!
    The icicles on the tree do look amazing, but in Florida? I thought it was all hot humid sunshine with you guys?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Such a great post DM! Yes, the weather has sucked BIG time. While we're not quite as cold as you, it's been miserable. At least today the sun is shining.

    We've been dealing with G-Pa Bob's health issues. Hope to do a post soon to catch everyone up on our little world in central Florida.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. BOL oh Pike, change is good. But I don't like it either
    Lily & Edward

  4. I bet Pike loved the ice. I think Aussies are creatures of habit, Torrey sure is. Come to Arizona, we have warmth.

  5. That is cold for Florida! I definitely wouldn't expect icicles!

  6. Pictures are beautiful as always, and I love the ice pictures (even though when you think Florida you don't think ice)! I love to read so will have to check out Goodreads. I was on there once and forgot about it. I'm behind on the popular books so just finished Gone Girl, I had a love/hate with it. I heard his other books are better so will be checking those out. Also want to check out the Deborah Harkness trilogy.

  7. I love your new header. I'm on Goodreads, but I can only juggle so many websites at a time and I'll admit, I don't have a clue what is going on there. Oops!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. OMG!! ICE in Florida!?! What is going on!?! LOL!! Both of my dogs hate the cold, too but when there's ice on the ground they get really excited by it. The first time we had that happen here this year, Zoe was sliding around on it and play bowing and running in place and just all happy. It was SO weird! I wish I had gotten video of it but I left my phone inside!

    I can't wait to see Nola do "cop cop" it's one of my favorite tricks! Poor Pike and his crate! Phoenix can relate to that. She doesn't like it when I move stuff, either! That's awesome that Olivia's teeth all fell out properly!!

    Good luck with your book challenge!! I'm sure you'll be able to do it! I'm excited to see what you're reading!! I am always in need of suggestions!

  9. I am too slow a reader to get through 300 books. I only became a reader in my adult life and now really enjoy it, but it takes time.
    I am slowly reducing the sugar in my life. I have a sad life now, no gluten, limited dairy . . . . .so I won't so no sugar ever, but am working on eating less. I wish you the best with it.

    Stay warm! (it warmed up here for a day, it got up to 14 F but is now back to -22F for a few days. sigh!


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