Thursday, July 3, 2014

So...Change of Plans

     Hey, everyone! Remember a couple of weeks ago when I announced that we'd be adding a Standard Poodle puppy to the family this month? While that is still very true, the details have changed a bit. Due to some...issues I won't be getting into on the blog, Mom walked away from the puppy we showed you and her deposit. It was infuriating, but better to walk now $300 poorer than over $1,000 poorer and with a dog we'd regret. That's all that will be said on the issue, but if you're considering a Standard Poodle, shoot me an email and I'll tell you the breeder's name so you can avoid the same mistake Mom almost made.

     Everything happens for a reason though, and this could not have worked out better than it did. One of the breeders Mom had contacted prior to placing the deposit on aforementioned puppy still had a gorgeous girl available, since the breeder was considering keeping her for herself. She. Is. Perfect. The breeder is absolutely incredible to deal with as well; so helpful, so attentive to the puppies and works incredibly well with Mom. This is a relationship that'll last past getting Puppy home, which is something Mom really wants as this is our first Poodle.

     She is currently 7 weeks old, and comes home on July 10th. She's red, so she matches ME! She has wonderful bone structure, pigment, and a lovely coat. She should be on the smaller size for Standards when it comes to weight; around 45lbs or so.  I am 10.5lbs, and Pike should mature around 17lbs or so. Don't worry about Puppy being too big for us; we're sturdy, and I will continue to rule with an iron paw. In this case, size does not matter.
Random fun fact: Puppy's birthday is only 5 days before Mom's.

      She has the perfect temperament for both Mom and myself and Pike. She is very friendly and people oriented, is calm and easy going without being a push over, and confident without being bossy. Without further ado, meet my new sister:

     We are torn between her registered name being Moulin Rouge or Drops of Jupiter, but her call name is Rosa and it's so fitting! Can't wait to have another minion! A matching minion, no less! Everyone give Rosa a big, Blogville welcome!
We're waiting impatiently for you, baby sis!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Hello Rosa! I personally like Drops of Jupiter, but Moulin Rouge goes well with Nola.

    Sorry to hear about what appears to be an unethical breeder, but glad you learned prior to bringing the original puppy home.

  2. Mom Kim here - oh I love the name Rosa - it just fits PERFECTLY! I look a t the puppy and then look away and read that name - OH YES! I also think Moulin Rouge - I get the same feeling when I say that name and then look at the puppy - PERFECT FIT! Oh, and those unethical breeders - I have not had such a thing happen to me but my sis, who has raise Westies for 30+ years, had that happen to her when she got a little female pup a few years bak - let's just say it did not end well.

    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta here - As Secretariez of Social Networking for Blogville - we wood like tue x-tend a BIG WELCOME TUE BLOGVILLE, ROSA!
    Diva Shasta here - she may be one of Nola'z minionz BUTT she is DEFINITE DIVA material tue!
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  3. Sorry about whatever happened but I am glad you found little red. What a cutie. We guess it was meant to be
    Lily & Edward

  4. Welcome to Blogville Rosa and to your new forever family. Love the Moulin Rouge name but Drops of Jupiter is quite nice also.

    She is a real beauty!

  5. Rosa is very cute! I'm not sure about the doily on her head though. LOL

  6. Nola, I hear those poodles are extremely intelligent. You might have a rival in the smarts department. Just sayin' ;-)

  7. She's lovely - congrats! Glad you made a smart decision about the other puppy. Rosa seems perfect - it all works out in the end :)

  8. OMD!!!! This is sooooo excitin'!!! I am doin' happy zoomies, cause that is one good lookin' pups!!! What a sweet face!!! I can't wait to see all three of you togethers!!
    Teach her well Nola....
    Ruby ♥

  9. Disappointing that you've had such a bad experience, but fantastic that you'll still have an addition! You have to be happy with your pup. Can't wait to hear Rosa's experiences.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  10. It is a shame that you had to walk away from the last puppy but great that you still are getting one- enjoy! Personally, I prefer Drops of Jupiter but the other is great as well!


  11. Loosing your deposit is tough, but sounds like it was the right thing to do if there was a problem. I love little Rosa - what an adorable face she has! She will make a beautiful dog and wonderful pet, I'm sure!

  12. Rosa is beautiful. I love her color and what a perfect addition to your family.

  13. Yay! She is adorable.

    Monty and Harlow

  14. It's a shame about the deposit, but better that than a dog you regret from a breeder you regret.

    Congrats on your new little one!

  15. Welcome new baby! I am very excited for you all! It is definitely better to loose $300 than to live with a mistake for years to come. Have a happy 4th of July!


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