Monday, July 14, 2014

Rosa Is Here

     Hi, all! Dachshund Mommy here. Yes, Rosa, our 8 week old red Standard Poodle, is here! We picked her up (12 hour round!) on Thursday. So far, it's going fairly smoothly with Nola and Pike. Nola's laid down the law but for the most part ignores her. Pike's corrected her a few times, mainly when she nips too hard, but is mostly getting along with her, and even played a bit with her yesterday evening.

      I will say that Rosa and I are having some problems with bonding, or lack thereof. I was so, so lucky to have a damn near instantaneous bond with both Nola and Pike, although it was - and is - significantly stronger with Nola, as she is my heart dog. With Rosa, that one in a million spark I had/have with Nola and Pike isn't there. And I, as... selfish as it sounds, am upset by that, and admittedly a little freaked out.
In addition to that, I was expecting a different personality than the one Rosa has. I don't believe either the breeder or I am at fault for this little mishap; I think it was just miscommunication on both sides. From what the breeder had told me, I was expecting a temperament similar to Pike's: high energy, easy going, very people focused, a little demanding, in your face, and very loving. What Rosa is is: medium-low energy, very calm, likes people but isn't in your face, very undemanding and unassuming, and independent. 
Sounds like the perfect puppy for most people, right? Well, not to me. As my mother pointed out the other day, I genuinely like and enjoy what most people would call "bad dogs". I love the demanding, high energy and high intensity dogs. I love the dogs that challenge me by being smarter or as smart as me. I love the dogs that need a significant amount of training and exercise to be manageable. I love the dogs that stick to you like -for lack of a better term - stink on shit. I love the dogs that are so focused on you and working with you it's a little disconcerting if you aren't used to it. That's how both Nola and Pike are, and I love it. In another owner's hands, they'd be "bad" dogs, but with me they're happy, well behaved and enjoyable.

     Please don't take that the wrong way; there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Rosa herself. This issue is all me. Rosa is such a sweet, easy dog, and I really do like her. I'm just having a bit of trouble adjusting to the fact that what I wanted and what I got are too very different things. I'm working towards getting over that and seeing just what kind of relationship I can form with Rosa. Am I upset? A bit. Disappointed? A bit. BUT, I'm not letting all that negativity get piled up on her, and we're working towards fixing it. She is so sweet, so gentle, so easy. She's genuinely a good dog. It's me with the problems. But tell you something you don't know, eh?

    I am happy to report that my outlook on this is much better than it was the first two days after getting her. I literally cried on and off for those two days straight. But now that Rosa's warming up to me a bit more, it's getting easier. We've had several sweet cuddles now, and she loves to be played with. Like I said, we're working on it. Slowly, yes, but surely.

     Damn, I sound so whiny in this post, and probably more than a little ungrateful with my pup. I'm really, truly not. This is just harder than I was anticipating, and it's thrown be a loop. I debated even sharing this here, but I strive to always be honest and real with my content, even when it's not all sunshine and roses.

"Me. Perfect."

Doing her job, like the best girl she is.


  1. Mom Kim here - you may have had a bit of self -reasoning talk already but just in case - how long has Rosa been with you now, less than a week? Don't forget the trauma that all puppies go through - leaving their mom and litter mates - that in itself a big adjustment. Then going to a home where there are already other dogs who have already developed their place in the pack. Slow down a bit - even out the expectations - Rosa is just a wee little pup who is still, and will continue for a bit, trying to figure out where she "fits" in this pack. One of our therapy group members has a Standard Poodle and we had two Toy poodles when I was a kid - from her pictures here, she looks like she is doing well. She is also trying to figure out where her place is with you. She may have already picked up on your relationship with Nola and is trying to figure out what kind of a relationship to build on with you and her. Dogs are a lot more complex sometimes than what we give them credit for - she'll get there. As for hi-energy - Rosa is only eight weeks after all - puppies do need lots of naps. I am anxious to see what she develops into in the next few months. Once she learns her place and her relationship with you and yes, even expectations, you might just see a bit of difference.
    Mom Kim

  2. It sounds to me like you all just need to get to know each other a bit more. While I enjoy Hailey's energy etc, Phod sounds more like Rosa. At first it was so different and he was so quiet, I thought he might not be smart etc. However, over time we have gotten to know him better and see he is just the perfect Phod!

    Enjoy Rosa!

  3. Shiloh'n Diva Shasta here - Az the Secretariez of Social Netwerkin'WELCOME TO BLOGVILLE ROSA!!! We know u iz just a wee little baby in a BIG world BUTT we also know that POODLEZ like yourself r also a furry much intelligent breed - we know u will git it all werked out an'git uzed to all your surroundings an'your new family - woofiez an'peepz!
    Shiloh, Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

    PeeEss - Diva Shasta here - Saw your purty pink bowz an'love that pikchure of u layin'down. You r lookin'good there gurl!

  4. OMD, Rosa is gorgeous! Wait it out and i am sure you will form a relationship sooner or later in life together. Enjoy her, she is lovely.

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl's World!

  5. Rosa is stunning and her name is completely perfect.

    And I want to thank you for sharing this, for being brave enough to, I certainly wouldn't have been. But I'm glad you were for two reasons. One: it's easy, with blogging, to pretend our lives are perfect when they're not and then people on the other side of the screen, the readers, become frustrated and jealous, fully believing this blogger's life is perfect.
    And second: I was the same exact way with Ella. My bond with Lassie was instant. He was, is even now that he's passed on, my heart dog. So I knew when I adopted Ella that our bond wasn't likely to be that strong, but I still expected it to be instant. It was not. I cried a lot too and sometimes I wondered if I was a horrible person for not having an instant bond with her. I learned to accept it for a little while but then Petal came along and I expected to have bonding issues with her too, I thought Lassie would be the only dog I would have an instant bond with, but that was not the case. I bonded instantly with Petal and then felt guilty all over again for never having had that instant bond with Ella (at this point Ella was 3, so we had built a bond over time, it just wasn't instant). Petal and Ella were incredible "sisters" though and watching their instant bond helped to ease my guilt and helped strength my bond with Ella.

    I'm not going to lie, it was more work with Ella, but it was work worth doing. I have so many wonderful and sweet memories of my time with Ella and she taught me some incredible, life changing lessons.

    Your bond with Rosa will take some work and some time, but it will come. Watching her bond with Nola and Pike will help.

    Best of luck! Have fun with your new puppy.
    You should also know that you've been feeding my puppy fever, aaahhh. I want one so bad! Lol.

  6. Rosa is such a cutie pie!! I'm sorry she's not exactly the dog you had pictured in your mind. That does happen sometimes, but remember we don't always get the dog we want we get the dog we need. There's a lesson in there somewhere for you, you probably just haven't realized it yet. :) I'm sure your bond will get better as time goes by and she settles in more. If you want to talk about it let me know! I'm here for you. :) ~hugs~

  7. I had a very similar situation with Dina which is strongly upsetting and disheartening, especially with a first dog (which she is). Now we're almost 2 years on and I can't imagine life without her.

  8. She's a cutie pie!

    While her personality isn't what you had anticipated - I don't think it's all bad that she will challenge you in different ways. Blueberry was not exactly what I expected either and it took a while for me to realize that she had really bonded with me more strongly that what I was seeing. An easy going dog bonds in more subtle ways (I think) - but it's still there. My eyes were opened to that fact several months ago when I took B to meet her daughter in foster care. At one point the foster dog's "mom" called B to herself and instead of running to that lady, B bypassed her and ran straight to me. Up to that point - I always kind of figured B would probably fit in with anyone and didn't really need me like my last dog, Shadow, did. Shadow was high maintenance and our bond was so strong almost immediately. With Blueberry - it's been a slow and steady work in progress and now I can't imagine life without her. The bond will come - and perhaps be even more gratifying because you'll have to work at it. :)

  9. We think she's gorgeous. Sometimes bonding takes awhile.

  10. I love your honesty and openness! How about doing a couple straight days of just Rosa. Where she doesn't compete with the other dogs for any of your time and attention? I bet the bonding would go faster that way.

  11. Awww - she's perfectly adorable. I'd be willing to bet she is just a bit overwhelmed and needs a little time to adjust. Once she does that, you will have the terror you want. ;)

    Monty and Harlow

  12. Rosa sure is cute. We're sure she will be more than the dog you hoped she would be in no time.

  13. She is super cute, and I am sure she will be amazing in her own time.

    A friend of mine returned a puppy to a breeder, because she realized after a couple of weeks that the dog was not going to work out for her and what she needed it for. It broke her heart to do it, but it was in the best interest of both of them.

    Gripe all you want!

    PS-Love the stacking pictures of all three of them!

  14. I always thought of poodles as independent often snooty dogs. I keep thinking of the one on home alone 3. Rosa just has a different personality but it is usually those that turns into something beautiful. The bond may be slow but when it grows it will be strong. Her personality, while different them your other two, will make you more well rounded as a dog owner. You are smart and have a good head on your shoulders. She looks so sweet!!!

  15. Rosa is BEAUTIFUL!

    Coco Rose was adopted at 8 weeks old three days after my heart dog Logan passed on. I couldn't open my heart to her and somehow Coco could sense my sadness. She waited out my grief and found her way into my heart. Was she like Logan? No, but she was one of the most intelligent pups I have ever knew and before I even knew what was happening, she managed to work her way into my heart.

    You and Rosa need time to learn what each of you require in this relationship - give it time to develop.

  16. I felt that feeling you described. It does go away. She is innocent and you are new momma. What a beautiful trio
    Lily & Edward

  17. I believe that is the cutest poodle I have ever seen.
    P.S. If you aren't going to be honest with your readers, what is the point of blogging? Good for you to have the courage to share your feelings. You are an excellent, inspiring dog mom.


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