Monday, June 16, 2014

A Question For You All

     Hi, guys! It's Dachshund Mommy here today. I have a question for you today, and since Miss Nola is nice and tired out from our very long beach walk today/yesterday (writing this Sunday night), not to mention the horrendous, appalling, teeth grinding, obnoxious, inconsiderate  company we have over, she's graciously allowed me to post today.

     Nola goes to a new vet (longish story for another post) on Tuesday for routine bloodwork, her heartworm test, yearly exam, flea and heartworm medication (no yearly vaccines for us - another post for a different time), and Pike goes in for his rabies vaccine, exam, microchipping, and flea/heartworm medication shortly thereafter, and it's got me thinking. Well, overthinking, as the case always is with me! I'm thinking about and looking into pet insurance, and since there's no better place to turn to than you guys, here I am!

      On the one hand, I think it's an intriguing idea with some real merit. On the other hand, I have around $4,000 saved up in the event of a medical emergency with the dogs, and that doesn't cost me $50+ a month. Do any of you have it for your pets? Why, or why not? If you have it, what company do you use, and what kind of protection plan? Thanks so much in advance!

Dachshund Mommy


  1. I will never live without it again. As you know we lost Benny to cancer. We are still paying the bill! We researched and researched. We now have Healthy Paws pet insurance. We have been reimbursed within 2 weeks. We also know a few others that have it
    Lily & Edward

  2. I appreciate that things may work a little differently in the States, however here are a couple of things for you to think about / check out. Our first Greyhound Flynn was insured for 7 of the 9 years I owned him. I cancelled the policy when the premium rose to £60 / $100 a month. Never once made a claim and probably paid in close on £2000 / £3300.

    However, I have 2 friends who would have been totally lost without their insurance and would have had no choice but to have their dogs pts. One had a bill for a one off illness of nearly $20,000, the other had a dog who developed Cushings Disease. His treatment cost around £5000 / $8500 a year for the four years he lived after diagnosis.

    In the UK, you can't get insurance without annual vaccs.....that may be different for you.

    It also becomes more difficult and more expensive to take out insurance for the first time when the dog reaches 8 over here.

    If you are going to do it, go for an Whole of Life policy rather than one that has a set amount that you can claim and when it's gone, it's gone.

  3. Hello Miss Nola & DM,
    We got NO pet insurance here! Sure wish we did get it bcuz it cost us many, many, many green papers when I, Lily Belle, ruptured my disk. Mommy said she'll be paying off that credit card until she dies. She also said that if she ever got another pupper, she would look into it.

    Hope you're enjoying the heat! We can't stand it.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. We don't have insurance. With two large dogs the premiums run between $45 - $75 per month. We are fortunate enough to be able to manage most large expenses that might come along. The monthly premiums seem too high to justify. If they covered routine exams and yearly shots/meds (or at least discounted them) we might consider it but they never do.

  5. I think having a savings is a better idea than paying for insurance. Insurance companies are all crooks and they'll look for any reason to not pay out. If your pups live a healthy life, you can keep all your savings and buy yourself a nice vacation :)

  6. I had it for one of my dogs YEARS ago through the AKC...terrible!!!! Every claim I sent in they denied because they said it was over charged! It was the normal price for an appointment in a big city. Long story short. it was a HUGE waste of money. Never got a penny back.
    I hear, though, that things might have changed since then. There are some people that have other insurances that are very happy with them. I am reluctant to pull that trigger again. I put money in a Money Market account (that I can withdraw in an emergency). It seems a better investment for me.
    I hope you find a good company, because one the whole, I think it's a good idea.
    Ruby's Ma

  7. I've never had it - I just hate dealing with insurance companies and you can't always rely on them to reimburse you - they can always come up with a "reason" why they aren't going to pay a claim. Savings and an emergency only credit card are the way I go for Blueberry. But I know a number of people that love their pet insurance too. It's really an individual choice. I certainly would never tell someone to not do it - it's really a personal preference.

    Let us know what you end up deciding!

  8. We don't have pet insurance. They only seem to pay out 80% on illnesses, nothing for routine, annual visits or medication. So we've decided to wait until something happens and go from there. There are places where you can borrow at a low interest to pay off bills over a year, so IF we need that, we might use it.

    Good luck, there'll be lots of different advice to sift through.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  9. Nola, your human needs to be careful on what plan she chooses. Coco and Puffy had Banfield pet insurance and all it covered was all of our shots, once a year teeth cleaning and blood works, spay/neuter, and all office visits were "free". I still had to pay for all medications and some of the lab works if more were needed besides the once a year one. This plan did not cover puffy's spinal injury, liver failure, cancer, or other things that might occur. When we were in the process of moving to New Mexico from California, we discovered there wasn't a Pet Smart (Banfield animal hospitals are located in these stores) anyplace near us. The closest one was over 2 hours away. I tried to cancel the plan and was told I could not do so as I had a contract and had to continue to pay the monthly premiums until the contract ran out. I heard from some of my Dogster pals that this plan had refused to let customers out of a contract even after the pet had passed away.

    Now that we are getting another Shih Tzu puppy, I was looking into getting a different pet insurance and discovered our New Mexico vet refuses to take any. I will have to foot the bill and then hope that any insurance I might have will reimburse me for any expense. Before you sign up for any of the plans, check with your vet to see what plans they honor and which ones do they recommend and then take it from there.


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