Friday, February 1, 2013

Last Days of The January Photo a Day Challenge and Some Questions Answered

     Hi, all Dachshund Mommy here. Before I show you the last days of the Photo Challenge, I wanted to answer a few questions y'all had on yesterday's post, mainly about the chickens and their odd egg color.

     We have 12 hens, and all different kinds of breeds. Each breed has a different color they lay. Our tally is:

  • 2 Light Australian Sussex (light brown eggs with tiny white spots)
  • 2 Rhone Island (darkish brown eggs)
  • 1 Black Sex Link (medium brown eggs with dark brown flecks)
  • 2 Turken/Naked Necks (light brown eggs)
  • 1 Easter Egger (robin blue eggs)
  • 1 Aracuna (green eggs)
  • 1 Leghorn (white eggs)
  • 1 Golden Comet (lays dark brown, but hasn't laid in awhile)
  • 1 Black Copper Marian (will lay dark, dark brown eggs, currently too young)
  • 1 female duck who lays off white eggs
     And someone asked, "what is a rain chain?". It's exactly what it sounds like; a chain that's suppose to bring rain. ;)

     On to the photo challenge! I'm taking this month's challenge as well. Which of these is your favorite and why?

Dachshund Mommy
Day 24: Stripes

Day 25: Landscape
Our chicken coop, pheasant/peafowl house, garden, Doxie Pimpin' Mobile and the shed.
Day 26: Together 
Day 27: Sun
Little Miss Sunshine (Rihanna where you at? Sorry, couldn't resist!)
Day 28: Through
This is my favorite!

Day 29: Grow

Day 30: Down
Check back on Monday or Tuesday for a review of the adorable dress harness Nola is wearing!

Day 31: Yourself


  1. OMD! You beauty Queen you! Look at that beautiful dress! I hope you're planning on wearing that to the Valentine's Day dance. The boy's will be dropping like flys around you.

    We love the landscape picture (except Dachshund Mommy forgot to put 'shadow' in the description) We love that we can see her shadow in the picture too!

    We gotta do the "warm weather dance" Nola. It's 43 outside and we had to turn on the heat. This is Florida, it's supposed to be nice!

    Lily Belle & Muffin
    p.s. Mommy said yours was mailed yesterday :)

  2. I too love Day 28: Through. Really interesting composition. Next favorite is Day 30: Down. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous dress...what's not to love.

  3. Oooooo! How fun! I wish we had some chickens....BUWAAHAAHAAA!!


    Pee.s. grrreat photos!

  4. I wondered if that was the case with the eggs coming from different birds. Is there any difference in the taste?
    My favourite photos this week are together and through.
    Lynne x

  5. Like always....I like all the pictures but especially the one with you wearing your cute dress harness!


  6. That rain chain is cool, we had never heard of one of them, and we really loves that dress!!
    stella rose and maggie

  7. My mom has several breeds too. The first time I gathered eggs, I thought the strange colored ones were not ready..........We love your little dress Nola!

  8. I likes da ones of Nola, Grow, and your self portrait.


  9. I like "Stripes" The cracked board tells a story. Of course Nola looks like a princess in polkadots.

    They are all very good!


  10. Those eggs are very interesting colors
    Benny & Lily

  11. I have to agree I think the "through" shot is the best!! Great minds must think alike!!! Where do you get your Photo Challenge Prompts from??? flickr site? I like those cause they encourage you to think outside the box.
    The eggs are beauty and what a blessing to have them at your finger tips.

    ***Nola you are really catching some air in that header photo!!

  12. What an array of colourful eggs. We only get brown in least in the shops. We've never seen the blue ones.

    Love the 'through' shot best.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  13. 28 and 29 are our favourite.

    Love the new header.

    Lee and Phod

  14. My favorite is "Sun" because of Nola's eyes!

  15. Honestly...this is the best pics yet! Really, I LOVES all of em'!
    Great job!

  16. I have to agree on Through and I love Sun. They are all beautiful.

    Loveys Sasha

  17. OH! Dachshund Mommy wins out over Nola just this once. We LOVE yourself!


  18. Fresh eggs are so incredibly good! They look beautiful, you must have some happy hens over there! Great idea for the stripes photo too!

  19. Lola is just gorgeous in that dress!

  20. Ooops...I meant Nola!!! Typo!


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