Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Peacock House

     Let me take you on a tour of our one acre farm, The Peacock House! BTW, I am all better from the cat food poisoning! Thanks to all y'all's POTP.
You ready?
Sigh, I am so epicly gawjuss I take my own breathe away.

This is the pregnant LaMancha, Daisy. With Rose photo bombing in the corner.

The Nigerian Dwarf, Tulip

Purty flowers

The goat house.

Rose the Nubian

"The girls"

Raja, they beautiful peacock

Daisy loves neck scratches. She closes her eyes when you do them.

Some tomatoes in January 

Pretty thing that goes in the plants

Rain chain

Some wood (obviously...)

Raja, again.

Blue the Cockatiel

Da Boston

Evil kitty Star

Sassy Saphira

Phee Phee

Chicken house (yup, it's pink. And there's Christmas lights on it)


Rhode Island Red named You Little Bitch!

Some of our fresh eggs. We get anywhere from 4 to 11 a day.


The duckies 

A Stevie Poo

Raja's ridiculously puny tail fan
I close this post with your eye candy of the day ;) 


  1. Nola, you live in a beautiful and magical place. Please keep giving us tours from time to time.

  2. What great tour! I especially love the egg pic!
    So glad you're feeling better... and you are right - you have some epic gawjuss-ness going on, little dog!

  3. You live in the most awesome place! Love all the pics. What kind of chicken lays green eggs? They are green, right?

  4. I think you may have the place we are wishing we had! We love all your animals!


  5. Nola does your mom color those eggs before she eats them, cos I swear i saw a green one in there, or is it that new medicine mom is putting in my eyes!! What is a rain chain, cos mom says we sure could use a bunch of them at our house!!! You have a really nice place to grow up at!
    stella rose

  6. what - that was an awesome have quite the collection there!!

  7. We loved meeting the rest of the fam! and seeing a picture of PheePhee. Of course we always enjoy a little eye candy! Here's a link to a blog that mom really likes - the woman lives in Wyoming with her "Farmily"...

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. Oh, Nola. It's been quite a while since I've been around. Glad to see you're still taking beautiful pictures! (I'm still in love with the lovely colored eggs.)

  9. So glad you're feelin better! And thank you so much fur the wonderful tour! Love all your furiends!

  10. There must be a LOT of super Poops to sniff.

  11. What a beautiful, happy place your farm looks!
    Love the eggs, all different colours, is that because the chickens are different colours?
    Glad you are better from your cat food poisoning too!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  12. Wht in the world? I had no idea you was sick? I am glad you is betters, thank dog!

    I wanna comes to lives at da Peacock House!!!!!!!!


  13. Your farm is beautiful, Nola!

  14. Nola....
    You suffered from cat food poisoning?! Oh, poor baby!! And, I am sorry for never reading about your ordeal!! :-(
    Purty Flowers? In the dead of Winter?! That can't be.... ;)
    Oh, I love, love, love peacocks!! They are such beautiful birds!! ;-D
    A Rhode Island hen named.... You Little Bitch?! I smirked at that one!! ;)
    Daisies and roses. My two favorite flowers!! Perhaps one day I will name a dog "Daisy"? You never know.... ;-D
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  15. I love that your chicken house is called...well, "chicken house" in French! Hilarious. I knew eggs could be brown, but not green. Pretty! It's like Easter eggs without all the work!

  16. Thanks for the tour. What a great place to live. We really miss spring. We would chase the birds. Have a good day. Lee and Phod

  17. Oh noes! Have the kitties been playing with Raja's feathers? ;)

  18. Wow, what a great adventure you have Nola, your place is absolutely amazing! I love those lovely birds! ^___^


  19. Thanks for the tour, Nola! You have a lovely little farm there. But I have a question - why a peacock? Just for the pretty? (Every other animal seems functional just can't quite figure where the peacock fits. :)


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