Friday, November 9, 2012

November Photo Challenge: Week One (sorta)

     Hi, everyone! Dachshund Mommy here with the first few days of the November Photo A Day Challenge. We were so busy the first few days of this month that I missed a few days of the challenge :(. Oh well.

     Nola's CGC test is tomorrow! I'm so nervous! I'll have Nola's Sweetie or Sugar taking pictures, so hopefully I'll have something to show y'all on Monday (if she passes, that is). If you could please cross your paws that she'll do well (and I won't have to have a drink...) it'd mean a lot!

    Which of these is your favorite?
Dachshund Mommy

Day 1: Something beginning with C
Cute, cunning, charismatic....

Day 2: Color
Day 6: A favorite thing
Taking pictures of Miss Diva
Day 7: ReflectionI love this. 


  1. We like Day 1.

    Nola, you don't need any luck. You'll pass with flying colors! :o)

  2. good luck tomorrow - we know you will be great!!!

  3. I really like the color shot

    urban hounds

  4. Good luck tomorrow! We love your number 2!

  5. REALLY? You expect me to choose between #1 and #3? Hehehehe...uh #3 it is.

    Go ahead and has a drink to relax your nerves...hehehe. Nola will do awesome I just knows it. But good luck to da boff of you any hows.


  6. I was trying to choose but I give up this week - I like them all!
    Lynne x

  7. I like day 6 - A favorite thing! Good luck I know she'll do fine!

  8. Oh my goodness, well besides the gorgeous Nola, my absolute favorite has to be your Reflection shot! That's amazing!! :-)

  9. We're confident you'll do well in the CGC. :)

  10. You're a DIVA alright Nola, but you're my BFF DIVA!

    Good lucks tomorrow on your testing. You bet we'll have our paws crossed for you (and your Mom too.)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. Oh, Nola, you are going to ACE it, gurl!!!! I'll be keepin' my paws crossed anyhu, just for extra PawPower!!
    I have to choose number 3! (you knew I was gonna pick a picture of YOU, right?!)


    pees: break a leg tomorrow....I mean that metaphorically

  12. Hey Nola's mom...maybe a little drink before the test would be good to help calm your nerves ;-)

    I'm sure Nola will do just fine and even if she doesn't pass this time you will know what you have to work on for the next test. Not everyone passes on their first try.

    Good luck.

    Millie & Cindy

  13. We vote for Day 2 and Day 6.

    We will for sure cross our paws for you and Nola - we are sure she will do very well. Now try to relax.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Nola, 3 is that sweetest picture of you. Mommy says the last one is super cool.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Loving Day 2: Color. Paws crossed for a first-time pass.

  16. Good luck on your test on Saturday, Nola! You'll do great!

  17. We love Day 6 - with such a cute subject how can you go wrong! Good luck on the test!


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