Monday, November 12, 2012

Dachshund Nola, CGC

Model, Head Bitch, Blog Queen, Product Tester, Breed Ambassador, Future Agility Star and now a CGC.
     Hi, everyone! It's ME; Dachshund Nola, Canine Good Citizen!! Yup, you read that right; I passed my CGC test!!!!!! Isn't that PAWSOME news?!  OMD, epic happiness!!!! Of course, my BFF Lily Belle already knows (we're on the same Doxie forum), but it's news to the rest of you!
Dachshund Mommy: I'm so proud! Nola is the first dog I've ever had win an award/be titled. Nola earned her CGC at 2 years, 1 month and 2 days old. 

Just a warning, this post is probably going to be very braggy :D.\ And pic heavy. VERY pic heavy.

     A quick run through of what I had to do:

1. Accept a friendly stranger. 
The evaluator came up to Mom, shook her hand and they exchanged pleasantries while ignoring ME (the nerve!!) as I stayed in a sit.

2. Sit politely for petting. 
After shaking Mom's hand, the evaluator bent down and gave me the adoration I deserved that she so rudely deprived me of a few pats, scratches and butt scritchies! I'm not gaga about being pet by strangers, but I behaved very well.

3. Appearance and grooming.
Mom brushed me, lifted up my lips to examine my teeth, looked in my ears and lifted up each front foot. Dachshund Mommy: I was expecting the evaluator to be doing this, but she said the AKC's become less strict about this part of the test and as long as the dog excepts it from the owner, they pass. Weird, but okay!

4. Out for a walk (walking on a loose leash). 
I didn't do as well as I could have (I wanted to sniff!), but paid attention to Mom and my leash only got tight once.

5. Walking through a crowd. 
There were more people than Mom was expecting, but I did well enough in this part to pass (could have been better). I'm usually being carried in a crowd that size walking that close together so I don't get stepped on (it's happened before! People don't lookout for us little gals and guys). One lady nearly stepped on me!

6. Sit and down on cue and staying in place. 
I did better on this part than any of the other dog/handlers testing! And to think, I've only been learning stay in the past week!
Mom had me sit and down and cued me to down/stay while she walked about 20ft away (in a strange, high distractions place with my Sweetie and Sugar standing close enough for me to see) and then returned at a normal place. I stayed put till she came back, repositioned herself at my side, grabbed my leash and released me.
Dachshund Mommy: The last part (me coming back to Nola's side and her staying put till released) wasn't even necessary for the CGC. The evaluator was highly impressed!

7. Coming when called. 
Mom put me in another stay, walked 10ft away and called me to her. I came barreling full spend at her only to slam to a sit/wait while she picked up my leash when I got to her. We also did better on this part than any other dog/handler team.

8. Reaction to another dog. 
This happened during test item #5. I pretty much ignored the other 2 dogs, and one was a Golden Retriever (before we moved, every day on our walk a GR would either bark viciously behind a fence or charge out at us, so I'm a little leery around them).

9. Reaction to distraction. 
I failed this the first time. Horribly, BOL! The evaluator (she was awesome! Her husband has a Doxie, so she was familiar with the breed's somewhat reactive tendencies.) kindly allowed us to retake this part.
The first time it happened during test item #5 and #8, so I was already a bit overstimulated and the person opening and closing an umbrella and walking quickly around (the distraction) really set me off! Anyone who has Doxies know we bark first, ask questions later!
The second time there were no other people or dogs and Mom talked to me through the whole thing and I passed.

10. Supervised separation. The evaluator took my leash and Mom walked out of sight for 3 minutes. Dachshund Mommy: The. Longest. 3. Minutes. Of. My. Life. I stayed calm and kept my eyes out for Mom while the evaluator pet me. I was so happy when Mom came back!

     It wasn't just the CGC testing that day, it was the local dog club's responsible dog owner ship day! They had a meet the breeds event (that I got to participate in! I proudly represented my breed.) Dachshund Mommy: The meet the breeds thing was held on a small stage and once we got off it Nola so wanted to get back on! That's my little diva ;), Rally, Agility and Flyball demos (it got too hot, so we didn't stay for those) and just a fun time for all involved! 

     MY favorite thing was that I got to go on some real agility equipment!!!! All kinds of jumps, a dogwalk, big girl (12 pole) weave poles and my absolute favorite, the tunnel! Once I found out what it was, I would go through it at full speed then turn around and go through it again! Oh, and I jumped on top of it too. Dachshund Mommy: I've never, ever seen Nola as happy as she was on that agility course (and Nola's generally a very happy, albeit intense, dog). She lit up like a Christmas tree.

   I'll leave y'all with some of the photos from the event and my test, all courtesy of my grandpaw Sugar.

    Thank you everyone who crossed their paws for me! It obviously worked!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola, CGC
Pee.S. Sweetie took a video of my test, which will be up on YouTube soon. I'll post it in the training section, or do it in a post if y'all want to see it. Let me know!
Pee.Pee.S. For anyone wondering, Mom took yesterday's picture of me with the help of a mirror ;)

ME and Mom on stage. I did tricks for the audience!

Two rotties and a great dane

Click to enlarge (totally sounds like the name of a porn site.) ME going over the dogwalk

ME doing the triple jump. Keep in mind this is my first time on real agility equipment. 

ME doing a single jump.
Dachshund Mommy: Nola always jumps 2-3x as high as she needs to.

Another single jump.

The weave poles


More weaves

The dog walk!

Headed to the CGC testing

Waiting to start

This is where I about got stepped on.

THIS is what the evaluators are looking for. Click to enlarge (BOL) this picture so you can see the focus Mom and I have on each other.

This is where I show a little fear because of the Golden next to me.

Random pretty Aussie.

Second time with distractions. PASSED!

Loose leash walking.




Remaining in a stay

Still staying till released

Even though she was out of sight, I knew exactly where Mom went.

Just chillin' til she comes back.


Again, great focus.

I made a friend!

Dachshund Mommy: I kid you not, Nola jumped up all excited when the evaluator told us we passed!


  1. Total wotten waven! Totally pawsome! We are so proud of you, Nola: CGC!

  2. YEAH!!! We knew you could do it (and we agree - little dogs in a crowd sometimes are so safe). Congrats...we think your mom should buy you a tunnel of your own as a reward!

  3. Wow.....wish I could do half the stuff that you do but since I'm losing my sight, I guess that won't happen fur me.


  4. Yay NOLA, CGC!!
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  5. Congratulations, Nola! We KNEW you'll pass the test. :)
    For #3, they probably leave it to the owners to do the "test" after some doggy showed an evaluator what he thought of having a stranger mess with his mouth. BOL.

  6. From one diva AND CGC tue anuther - The DIVA Shasta here. WAHOOZIEZ COOL DOOZIEZ! I had no doubtz u cood due it. You iz one talented little diva. I had a few problemz tue like the loose walkin'an NOT wantin'tue leeve the squeekie toy alone az I walked past it - don't they know squeekie toyz were MADE tue b played with an'they git furry much sad if u ignore them - I wanted tue make that toy feel wanted iz all. Anyway, an'so what if u wanted tue b on the stage - I LOVE it when I git on a stage and all thoze peepz r watchin'ME. Divaz like u an'me B-LONG on a stage!

    Oh - an'just in case u mite b interested - now that u haz your CGC, u mite b interested in bein'a therapy dog - egspeshally since u iz kinda on the really small size - peepz love the small dogz they can hold in their lapz. Butt a lot of what a therapy dog iz tested on iz just like a CGC - I did both in the same day.

    Anyway ----------- CONGRACHULASHUNZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The DIVA Shasta, also CGC

  7. NOLA!! You rock, girlfriend!! Congratulations!! Were you scared of those rotties and the great dane??

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. Congratulations!! I knew you could do it!

  9. Well done, little girl!! All good things come in small sizes, and you are one . Great course, very interesting things you had to do/ or not do? is this an annual event? and do other dogs come from a long way away? And... do you have to PAY to do this? I had no idea you would need to learn so much, I bet you crammed so hard for the test/exam!!! Cheers from Jean.

  10. CONGRATS NOLA, a most impressive job, Now you truely are DIVA DOG.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  11. Congratulations! I knew you could do it Nola! So where is your bone-shaped cake made out of steaks? Celebrate!

  12. CONGRATS! That is AWESOME, my friend! Well done!

  13. Good job, Nola!!! I love how exuberant you are in the tunnel picture :) Congrats on the BIG win!!

  14. Hey Nola!
    Wow, congrats on your big award! You did a super-great job. Love that tunnel pix of you...ears flapping and having a blast!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  15. All of us here at our house, couldn't be more excited for you Nola! We are so thrilled to hear that you passed. Of course, there was NEVER a doubt in our minds. You're an amazing little girl Nola and I'm so glad that we're BFF's! Mommy wants to know when you're coming down towards Orlando so that you can train us. (Mommy's laughing...) We're by far, not that good, but we do know how to love!

    Lily Belle, Muffin, Mommy, Daddy & Grandpa Bob

  16. Hooray Nola! We knew you would pass your test! We like all your pictures - very professional job. Mum says the whole place would have been in chaos if we were there.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you!!! Hope you got an extra treat or two last night :)

  18. YEA!!! I knew you could do it Nola!!! You looks all professional and stuffs with your Moms! Aren't tunnels THE BEST!! Oh, I like running through at top speed a couple of times, then ploppin' and rollin'. (Probally not the thing to do on a course though....)
    Kudos, Nola.


  19. Hip, hip AAArrrooooo, Nola!!!! We knew you could do it! Well done!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  20. Multiple paws UP for you, Nola! Congratulations - hopping through from Sunday's post and so happy to see today's :).

  21. WooHoo!!!! Congratulations Nola!! You kicked some serious Doxie tush and totally showed that CGC test who was boss!!! My idol!! :-D Make sure that you celebrate and your Mommy!!!

  22. Congratulations Nola. We knew you could do it.
    Benny & Lily

  23. Congratulations, Nola and Nola's Mom!!!!! We are so very proud of you (but we knew you could do it. ;) Such a grand accomplishment.

    Glad to hear you like agility so much (maybe Dachshund Mom will sign you up!) Bella absolutely LOVES her class and it has given her soooooo much confidence.

  24. That is sooo great! You are a super-star!

  25. Congratulations Nola,

    I just read everything you had to do to pass.
    Wow you got to be good, so proud to be your friend.

    xo Cinnamon

  26. Hurray!!!! You did it, Nola! I'm so happy for you!

  27. Nola, we are so very proud of you and happy for you. That was a lot of hard work for both you and your Mom. Congrats from all of us.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  28. Congrats Nola! We knew you could do it.

    Millie & Cindy

  29. Nola, I'm so proud of you!!!! Way to go, pretty girl!

  30. Congratulations Miss Nola CGC!!! I really loved the photo of you blasting through the tunnel. Woohoo, I was right about yesterdays shot with the mirror. VERY CLEVER!!

  31. Oh! That is so awesome! Congratulations on your CGC! I have been saying for years that I was going to do this for the Newfs but haven't done it yet! Good for you!!

  32. Concatulations Nola! Me is very impressed! Me knows neither of my hairy slobbery sisters would not pass.

  33. Great job, Nola, CGC! Done with style and elan! Congratulations.

  34. Well done I am so so happy for you, and I see you becoming famous as an agility star!!

  35. Its so cool you passed. Bob has his but we are not sure Weasley could do it, he is a jumpy little guy maybe when he matures

    urban hounds

  36. We don't know how we missed this yesterday - congrats! YAY! WHOHOO!


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