Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Lulu'sCollars

How precious is this picture!
     Hi, everyone! Today I'm doing a review for the lovely Etsy shop Lulu'sCollars. The shop is full of adorable and sturdy harnesses, collars and tutu(!) harnesses, and I picked out this sassy little harness for my minion/sister Phoenix.
Off topic for a second, but I just gotta say that Phee is my shadow. She wants to do any and everything I do, all the time. I'm very good with her, but sometimes a girl needs her space, ya know?

     Back to the review! Phee and I are really happy with this shop and her cute little harness. It fits her (and her personality) perfectly! It's strong and durable but still very comfy. Here's a bit from the shop:

My harnesses are made using the following: 
-100% cotton fabric
-Sturdy interfacing
-Side release contoured buckles for easy release
-Solid heavy duty d-rings
-Durable, washable and FUN! 
-All bows are attached with rubberbands and can be removed

     One of my very favorite things about this harness is that it's not made of nylon, so it doesn't have that webbed feeling to it. That means Phee can wear it without getting rubbed! The bow on the back of the harness adds that special touch that makes her harness unique looking.

Too damn cute!
Cotton, not nylon
Bright, vivid prints and colors
Lots of choices
Custom items available
Good customer service, always a huge plus
A good price
The bow!
Perfect fit
The snap buckle is very easy to release. There's nothing Mom hates more than putting a harness with a tough buckle on a wiggling pup.

Nothing! Move along, nothing to see here.

We give Lulu'sCollars 4 (I guess 8 since Phoenix is here) and two thumbs up, and 5 out of 5 stars! So head over there, and tell em Nola sent ya!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola (and Phee)

This is how most pictures of Phee turn out. The joy of puppyhood. 

Classic Dachshund: DEEP chest/neck


  1. Thanks, we love the harnesses and checked them out too!

  2. Thank you for the review. Those collars are beautiful Benny and Lily

  3. Hi Nola, Lilibell's Couture here! I just love those harnesses and thanks to you, have added them to my favorite shops! Come springtime, Lilibell is going to have a lot more cute harnesses, lol.

  4. You are right about that first picture...too cute!

    Cindy & Millie

  5. Yups, too cute!!
    That harness is just adorable!! Do they make anything for 60lbs of rambunctious Airedale???



  6. That picture of the two of you is ADORABLE, you should have your Mommy frame it! ;)

    That is one of the cutest harnesses I have ever seen. Great review. I'll definitely be checking that shop out!

  7. Gosh! That harness is soooo cute, me ight just loves to wear it! Me shall has to go and has a look! Thanks Nola, you finds the bestest stuff!

  8. Phee looks very cute in her special harness. Know what you me by being idolized to exhaustion...it just not easy being the Gold Standard!

  9. Great review! Those are very pretty collars. I love the pic of Phee on the purple cushion. She's learning how to model from the best! :)

  10. How cute! Have a great day! Hailey and Zaphod

  11. They are really cute. Thanks for the review.


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