Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's...A Freaking BIRD?!

Hi everyone! First, since you all voted in Sarge's Nickname Game, this week call me Noly Canoli!
Second, have I ever mentioned how C-R-A-Z-Y my Mom is????? Yes? Oh well, here's another story about her insanity uniqueness.  My grandpa lives in an apartment complex, and he found an abandoned cockatiel while he was at the pool. After putting up fliers for a found bird that never got a response, he gave Mom the bird for her birthday. Mom is thrilled. Moi? Not so much. He flaps, he "sings", he looks so tasty and fun but Mom won't let me near him!!! The injustice!!! His name is Blue, and he likes to whistle and dance to rap music. He also wolf whistles when he's happy. I am NOT impressed. One of his feet is messed up, looks like a birth defect. Dachshund Mommy: I'm a complete newbie cockatiel/bird owner, and am not quite sure what to do with Blue. Any of you all have or have had cockatiels?

This is as close as Mom will let me to him.

He's a weird little bird
Guess what? My Aunt H got me a new collar! It matches my leash and harness; always gotta look put together! Mom says it looks like I'm wearing pearls.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Noly Canoli

New collar makes me happy!!


  1. Miss Canoli, you are always smiling!!! We love your new collar - we think it would look good on BOTH of us... As far as that bird goes, we know nothing... But there is a very good bird rescue near us, and we're sure that there must be something in FL like that , that could provide lots of good info. Blue is very pretty...butt we'd kinda want to hunt him, too. Just sayin'.

    -Bart and Ruby

    1. Nola, your mommy is the animal whisperer. It sure makes for fun blog reading! I have no bird experience, so all I can say is, "That's one beautiful collar."

  2. Hehehehehe...a bird...a freakin' noisy little bird dat dances! Okays, I has definatey seen it all now. Your mom cracks me up and I knows all bouts kerazy mums.

    Love your collar!


  3. OH NOES. Mommy has been toying with the idea of getting a bird. We'll have to distract her from your post. We don't want a bird!
    You do look mighty pretty in that new collar. Love your smile.

  4. I love your new collar! Don't know what to say about sharing that house with the flying beast though!

  5. Oooh, we love your collar Noly Canoli and you look pretty pleased with it yourself.
    Your little birdie brother sounds wonderful, singing and dancing and wolf whistling, what a talent!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. hey Noly Canoli!

    Love your nick-name! And love your new header photo. You look like a distinguished movie star! :->

    Happy (late) birthday to your mom! Blue is beautiful and what a pawsome gift! Don't know anything about cockatiels but if they are anything like parrots then you are in for some yummy food! Porgy, my parrot, always gets human food (in addition to his bird food) and since birds are really messy eaters he drops it as he eats it so guess who is right there to eat it up?! My advice to you is to become really good friends with Blue so that when he eats his human food he will gladly drop you his leftovers. :-> Hope you and your mom really enjoy your beautiful new bird!

    Your new collar is pawsome! Very stylish! And your little "Nola Bug" heart is very cool!


  7. Love the new collar and yes, a girl has to have the total look:)

    That bird would drive us nuts. Maybe you can teach him to talk and say "Nola deserves a cookie, give Nola a cookie, Nola is such a good girl." BOL

    Woos - Blue Eyes, Thunder Dunder, Prissy Sissy, and Flash a.k.a. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Nice new collar!
    And nice new bird! We have two cockatiels, a boy and a girl. The boy is very chatty, he just picks up words from around the house. The girl, however, is fairly quiet apart from the occasional screech. Don't get too annoyed about not being able to eat Blue, or you may be banished from the room he is kept in!

  9. Would you rather have a plane?

  10. I love your new collar Noly Canoli! It does look like pearls. It sounds like Blue is a real cracker!

  11. Noly Canoli... I would be very much unhappy with a bird IN my house too. SHEEEESH.

    I love your new PEARL Collar!! STUNNING.

  12. Noly Canoli!
    I was about to say that your home is now complete... but I am not so sure about it!
    Your collar is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Noly it totally looks like pearls, if you hadn't told me I would have thought they were. We have never had birds and I don't think I would like it, cause I bark at everything anyway. Mommy says no, but I am sure your Mommy will figure it out. Blue is pretty.

    Loveys Freckle Belly

  14. Very snazzy collar!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Noly Cannolli!
    We used to has budgies, but never anything like that birdie! Its a good thing its not at our house, Kozmo would try to eat it!
    Me loves your new collar! It sure makes your smile look pretty!

  16. Noly Canoli....
    So. The "tribe has spoken", huh? ;-}
    Your Mom is an insanely unique big-hearted woman!! And I mean that in a positive way!! ;)
    Our neighbors down the cul-de-sac own twain green birds. They whistle and talk as I walk Rose past their house. My "Curious George" is so fascinated by them!! ;op

  17. We love your new name. It's catchy...Bol! Also love that collar so pretty just like you! As for Mr. Blue, he's a cutie. We had one but she was yellow with red cheeks. Her name was Sancha. She always whistled and danced. She would also preen the mamas hair. Let us know if mama has any questions. ~Weinerful Gang~


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