Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Horrid, Miserable Welcome

Hi everyone. We moved almost all of our stuff to the new house yesterday. It was a very sad and draining day, because when we got to the house we found our poor pregnant goat had been attacked and killed. The worst thing about that? Our new neighbor's dogs did it. They had dug under our fence while we were gone and killed sweet Plymouth. Our neighbor on the other side of the fence confirmed that it was those dogs, and that they're frequently out and can be aggressive.
Now kitty sister has to stay inside at night, and Mom's scared to let us out in the yard unattended, AND we have to figure out a way to keep the chickens safe. Any ideas my furiends??? The neighbor leaves his dogs out all day everyday, and there's so many spots along our fence we're they have or have tried to dig under. What would you guys do if this had happened to you? Call animal control? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
Dachshund Mommy: We only had Plymouth for less then 2 weeks, but in that short time she became like one of my dogs. She followed me around, wagged her tail, put up with Nola's herding and was always so happy to see us. I'll really miss my little goat.
On the topic of the neighbor's dogs, I'm at a loss as to what  to do. Even though it's heartbreaking about Plymouth, my concern now is the safety of my Doxie Mafia and my cat. I'm not comfortable leaving them in my own yard!! All four of them together probably weigh 45lbs, and they don't know when to back down. One snap of the neighbors dogs' jaws could kill or maim my furkids. ANY advice would be so helpful!!!
R.I.P. Plymouth. We'll miss you! Run free sweet girl, run free


  1. Oh that's awful, I'm so sorry about Plymouth. I guess it's difficult when you're the new kid on the block, but I'd call Animal Control - or whatever you guys call it. Surely they are duty bound to keep their dogs under control and on their own land? Are there other neighbours you could talk to who would be willing to back you? Do you think it would be appropriate to talk to the dog owners. It's harder with the cat as I guess its your responsibility to ensure it doesn't go into their yard. Dogs that will kill a goat sound way too dangerous to have in a domestic situation. Deccy & Mum x

  2. Absolutely notify animal control! If these dogs have a history of aggression, you need to get it documented. Hopefully your other neighbors will be willing to provide a statement as well.
    You need to protect your other pets, and yourselves. I know it puts you in a bad position with your new neighbors, but they need to take responsibility for their agressive animals. If these dogs are large enough and aggressive enough to bring down a goat, next time it may not be an animal they attack.

  3. Also - I'm not sure where you live, or how rural it is. In most farm communities, goats would be considered livestock. And dogs that kill livestock are NOT tolerated.

    1. Sorry about Plymouth. I grew up on a farm in the FL panhandle. We handled dog's like that with a shotgun.

  4. Oh my gosh! I feel for you here. is best that you contact animal control because your neighbor is #1 not taking care of his responsibility as an owner to these dogs and #2 your babies deserve to have a safe yard and life full of happiness and you shouldn't be concerned to let them out to potty or play. I know that you want to not have a negative relationship with someone he might permanently be your neighbor, but by being someone's neighbor...well, you have to be neighborly and this dude is so not being neighborly or responsible.
    I'm so sorry about your goat. :'(
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums

  5. Nola and mama,
    Please e-mail me your snail mail addy at mindyslimmer AT gmail DOT com.
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums

  6. How awful! Be sure to have it documented and at the very least your neighbors need to install a very deep and very high fence. I am truly sorry for your loss.
    -Lulu's mom

    1. we agree with this! plus animal control. so sorry to hear of your loss. no pet deserves an end like that -especially one that's pregnant! =(

      good luck

      -docsdox / NewMama / ramsay

  7. Wow, that's so sad to hear! I'm really sorry about sweet Plymouth. I would definitely contact animal control and if there isn't a group like that around, I would contact your local law enforcement. I love all pooches, but visciousness is not okay. The owners must obey the local laws. Sending mournful howls for your loss.
    Grr and a Sorrowful Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. How awful! I think you need to talk to the neighbors in a rational tone and be very factual, not emotional. Let the know you are going to contact animal control and file a report so that it is documented. Maybe that will spark some move on their part to get the dogs under control.

    The OP Pack mom

  9. Very sad to hear this. Condolences to your entire family. Agree this needs to be taken up with Animal control and documented immediately. Depending on the county & state you live, the law may legally dictate your neighbors improve their containment or drives some other action by Animal control. I hope your new neighbors are offering compensation to you and your family. Realize this does not replace Plymouth. But a pregnant goat is a valuable animal from an agricultural view. This is regardless of whether or not your intent was to use the goat milk on an ongoing basis for cheese, etc for your own family.

  10. This makes me cry. So sad for your loss. I have to say I agree with the other comments. It's a hard way to get started, but unless they've come over on their hands and knees, begging for forgiveness and offering to work towards a solution, chances are they're poop heads and you're going to have challenges with them whether or not you are kind. Good to get these things officially documented. What a terrible thing. I am so so sorry for you having to go through this. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

  11. Our condolences on Plymouth's death- Definitely call animal control- your baby was attacked and killed in your fenced yard by an uncontrollable pack!

  12. This is so upsetting I am going to cry too.
    As the other fur friends have mentioned call the Animal Control.
    R.I.P. sweet Plymouth and baby.


  13. Softest husky woooos,


    p.s. in rural Wyoming, at large aggressive dogs are dealt with quickly and severely...we would contact your state's livestock board. There very well may be laws protecting your livestock...

  14. OMG! I am so sad for you and your Momma! This just breaks my heart! Poor Plymouth! This is definitely for animal control, Plymouth was attacked in your own yard and you can't take any chances with the rest of your babies!!

  15. That is awful....I am so sorry to hear this....R.I.P. Plymouth....

  16. This is horrible! We don't blame your mama for making you guys stay inside. We would call animal control. Make sure you document via video and pics. And start to rebuild or add more structure to that fence. Or build a fenced secure safe area within your area. Especially add some chicken wire if you can underneath to prevent digging. Also if need be....we really hate electrical fence.... But it might be needed in this case. All we can say is that we are soo sorry about Plymouth. Please all of you be safe.

  17. I am sorry to read about Plymouth.

    I think you should call animal control. Your next door neighbor should be held accountable for not being able to control his dogs and techinically his dogs were trepassing on your property. I would for sure get this incident on record.

    Hope youare doing ok, we are sending hugs your way:)

  18. OMG!! This is so very serious! I can't tell you how sorry I am for your family. Poor Plymouth! I hate to say this, but if those dogs would take down a goat, they'd kill little doxies in a heartbeat. And what about little children???
    I know it's hard, but I'd be making every call that I could to get those dogs removed!
    Thinking of You-
    Erica and Noel (the doxie)

  19. OH MY GOD! I'm still reeling from the horror of poor Plymouth's death. That's just plain awful. I'm really really upset.
    Have you spoken to the neighbors to tell them what their dogs did?
    I have heard of fences that you have to bury DEEP under the top fence to hopefully prevent them from digging through...but I'm not sure how effective it is when it involves very very determined dogs. Oh dear, I'm so upset about Plymouth. :( RIP Plymouth and your baby.

  20. That is so awful. You need to talk to the neighbor and also file a complaint about what happened

    Stop on by for a visit

  21. What a terrible start to life in your new home. I am so sorry for poor little Plymouth, it makes me sick to think of it. Can animal control or the police make the neighbour keep his dogs under control. He should be fined a huge amount for what they did. I don't blame you for not wanting to let your cat and dogs out.
    I hope you find some way to resolve this terrible problem.
    My heart goes out to you.
    Lynne x

  22. Hi Nola,
    I would first off contact the Police and file a report about the incident. Then I would call your Animal Control Dept. (and yes, get your other neighbor's involved!!). Do it now before it is too late. We're so sorry to hear about Plymouth. We know she was well loved by one and all.

    You be careful out there in that yard! I don't want nothing to happen to YOU!!!!!

    Talk to you in a few days....

    Lily Belle

  23. OH no, I'm so sorry!

    I agree with the other voices of reason: Contact the police and animals control, so that there's a paper trail and it's on record.

    So far as keeping who's left safe...I'm not sure what to recommend. Electric fence?

  24. I am so sad to know about Plymouth.
    I agree too. You need to call the police and then Animal Control.
    Something needs to be done in order to feel safe in your own place.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  25. I am so sorry for you guys and Plymouth. I agree with everyone about contacting the police and animal control. Even if you try to supervise your Doxie Mafia and cat it sounds like you are putting yourself at risk also. You wouldn't be safe trying to break up a fight if they got in your yard again. Maybe contacting the authorities will mean the owner will have to control the dogs? Take care. Becky

  26. New fence? Fenced dog run for the DM? So sorry abuot Plymouth...

  27. That's just terrible. I am so sorry.
    In the UK we'd call the police first and see what they say first.
    Poor Plymouth and poor you.

    Let us know what happens, won't you. And STAY SAFE

    Love and licks, Winnie

  28. I am SOOOOOOO sorry to hear that your move into a dream home has been shaken with this sad incident.
    In OHIO... Goats are considered Livestock.. and if a Dog(s) come onto the property and badly injure.. or kill ANY LIVESTOCK.. the Dog Owner is RESPONSIBLE for the financial loss... In this case..TWO goats, since Plymouth was pregnant. THEIR insurance (In OHIO) must Pay for the loss. You should check all of this out with the local authorities.
    As for the FENCE... THIS is Important.. WHOSE FENCE IS IT??? If it is YOURS it is YOUR responsibility to make and Keep it in a manner that will Keep YOUR animals IN and Other Animals OUT... BUTT if it belongs to the NEIGHBOR... that becomes THEIR responsibility...
    I don't know if ANY of this will help you or not. I am really sorry that you have had this experience. Please let us know what you find out.

  29. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about poor Plymouth. This is terrible and I certainly can understand your fear for the rest of your babies. Have you spoken with these new neighbors yet to let them know what happened? Steps need to be take to make sure it doesn't happen again...and it can happen so fast even if you're out there with your crew.

  30. Oh Nola Im so so sorry. What a horrible thing to have happen to you in your new home. I would be terrified as well. I agree about speaking to the neighbors but I think you need to set up a really secure fence. Even if you just fence part of the yard. Again I am so so so so sorry.

    If you speak to the neighbors and they are not totally apologetic and do not take immediate steps to fix the fence I would call the animal control, in fact Id call animal control either way just so you can have it on record. It is there responsibility to keep their dog of your property

    urban hounds

  31. It occured to me after I left my comment that my next door neighbor's doxie was killed by a coyote several years ago. They built a beautiful flagstone patio with a lawn behind their house and then put in a 6 foot high rought Iron fence around it. Their dogs (all small terrier mixes and one doxie) can be outside with them or go out at night, but they are safe from the wild life that lives in the canyon behind our houses. They have a huge back yard, but their dogs are only allowed in the patio. It works great for them! AND the tiny terriers can protect their yard from us great big rotties without threat! We don't even bark back!!

  32. Hello Nora - I am so so horrified at the dogs next door!!
    My daddy is a retired Animal Control Commissioner - He says to YES call animal control and to
    talk to your neighbors, hopefully you can work together to fix the situation. Also, you may want to call the police if the dogs are too dangerous.

    So so sad to taint your new house welcome :-(
    I am so sad for Plymoth - he is goat heaven now and we'll see him later someday!

    Love you,
    (and my daddy)

  33. hope you called the police or animal control. You better redo the fence. We would use buy a VERY sturdy fence. How absolutely horrible
    Benny & Lily

  34. What a horrible welcome to your new home! May poor Plymouth rest in peace; what a terrible way to die. Yes, you should report the incident to Animal Control.

    I would be worried sick about allowing my animals outside. Is digging the only way they can get into your yard? If so along that fence line you need to dig down and bury concrete blocks two rows tall or so to form sort of a rock foundation that they cannot dig through or under. We had to do that under our gate threshold because an aggressive pup that used to wander our neighborhood kept trying to dig his way in.

  35. I am sooo sorry this happened. I know you are all just devistated, and what a terrible feeling to have this happen in your new home.
    Poor Plymouth,,, we feel very sad.
    I hope you can find a way where you all can feel safe...
    I am sorry

  36. Oh I am so very sorry to hear this. I know all have said to call Animal Control but first I would talk with your neighbor. You need to hear how they sound about all this, how they react. If after talking to them you feel they don't care or are unsympathetic and don't seem concerned of their dog and it's behavior, then call the Animal Control. Unfortunately you may not get immediate response. You may want to put in a new fence that is more secure and frankly that may be the what you should do ASAP.

    This is so terrible since you moved to provide a yard and now you are fearful of letting all use the yard. Plymouth didn't deserve this or any of you.

    It is so strange when people of poochies that are potential or are killers but they don't seem to realize the fear and threat that create.

  37. I think you should start with reporting what the dogs did to... the authorities (do you have some type of Animal Control near your vicinity?)

    Next, you could always reinforce your fences- talking about cyclone underwire. Choose the type which needs to be buried at least 2 feet deep so that even the dogs can't dig their way in. It may be a little expensive but it's nothing compared to lives of the Doxies.

    I'm so sorry about Plymouth-losing a pet can be so devastating.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  38. This is just awful and to be honest it pisses me off because of irresponsible hoomans. I do agree withs callin' da Animal Control and especially dat Plymouth is considered livestock they may take this more seriously.
    We are in the same situation with our neighbors so we understand this all too well. When my mum leaves we has to go inside to safeguard us. My neighbors are total idiots and never watch there dogs. Howevers, because we know them and there behavior mum is a little paranoid about callin; Animal Control because of retaliation from them.
    Bein' doxies and lovin to dig it is very important to has a good strong fence but I know you knows dis. We had to use chicken wire is some areas of our fence.
    I am just so devastated about Plymmouth.

    PS: If you has any questions in regards to dis situation and cuz we both have idiot neighbors please email us.

  39. Oh Nola! We are so so sorry. This must be heartbreaking for your mommy. Goats are so sweet. I am not sure what you can do about it besides chicken mesh fencing. But those dogs could dig under it. Us dachsies don't know when another dog is bigger than us. We fight till the end. Please be careful!


    Pee.s. If you report it I would do it now before anything else can happen.

  40. Nola!! I am so so so sorry for you and your family! What a horrible thing to happen. I send you down some prayers and much love. I think the owners of those dogs deserve a good biting on the butt. And then a good tinkling on the leg! (and your momma to put him in jail afterward.)

    Dogs (cats, birds, etc) are only as good as their hoomans... and these hoomans are not worth poop.

    Give your momma hugs from us.
    Milo and Dixie

  41. Sorry to hear about Plymouth.
    Very best wishes Molly

  42. Oh no....that is so sad. I am sorry that happened. When my mom and dad had goats and chickens they got a Great Pyrenees to keep the herd safe. He was such a big dog, but he protected every one from coyotes. These dogs are great for kids, goats, chickens and our dog, Walker even loved me! Still, my mom thinks that you may need to contact the animal control, because what if they came after the little dogs and you!!


  43. I was so sad to read about what happened to Plymouth :(

    I'm sending you and your family lots of hugs,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  44. this makes me so mad!! i'm really sorry this happened. i hope the neighbors are sorry as well, that is just terrible. RIP, Plymouth :(

  45. That's awful. I'm so sorry. A friend here was in a very similar situation where she had aggressive dogs next door - they got into her garden the same way once but thankfully she was there to save her dog. From then on though, she was like you and wouldn't leave the dog in the garden. The neighbours eventually did something about the dogs being able to dig under the fence, but the dogs then got out the front instead and actually killed another neighbour's dog. The dogs next door to you have already killed a pet which was in your yard. What I'm saying is that you almost have a duty to phone animal control... otherwise it WILL happen again to some other animal. I know my friend feels awful that she didn't make a complaint to our local council, even though I suspect that wouldn't have saved the other dog. :(

  46. That's so sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. Plymouth was such a beautiful goat. I'm sure she will be greatly missed. I am wondering if your new neighbors have taken any responsibility in this tragedy? I think animal control should be called. If this happens again. You would not be able to forgive yourself. My prayers are with you.

  47. Nola....
    My solution to this problem? MOVE!! But that is not an option.... Right? Yes, call animal control. But, be prepared that doing so will cause a rift in any friendships with these neighbors. Perhaps you should build some sturdy fence?
    Rest in peace, Plymouth....
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  48. Oh, how horrible. It's probably one of those owners who you can't talk to, right? Even though the problem is on their end, I would invest money in your own fence if you can afford it. It's the only way to keep your loved babies safe. Good luck,

    Nubbin wiggles,
    Oskar & Pam too

  49. I'm so sorry about Plymouth. I'm sure that your heart is broken. I wish that I had good advice but I don't, aside from making your own fence completely strong, with concrete footers to prevent digging under and high fences so nobody can jump or climb it.

    I'm so sorry.

  50. We didn't know this had happened, and we were still thinking most wonderful thoughts about Plymouth. Our hearts go out to you. We are so very sorry for your loss. And we're very upset about those neighbor dogs. What a horrible welcome to your new home. We saw the later post and think a cement base along the fence is a plan. I hope you also filed a complaint with the police as well as with Animal Control. What about an electric fence, too, strung on the outside of your fence (on the neighbor's side) so that Nola and her fur siblings would not touch it, but the neighbors dogs would get a shock if they touched the fence?

    We're so very sorry for your loss. Mom always took care of the family goats growing up, and she has a fondness for goats.



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