Thursday, May 3, 2012

Extreme Makeover Home Addition: Doxie Style

Hi everyone! We spent the first night at our new house Tuesday night, and it was so much fun! Every little sound made us bark, the humans LOVED it! Now we're back in Tallahassee, but we'll go back to the new house on Friday probably.
We've gotten a lot done; ripped the carpet out, cleaned the house, DISINFECTED the bathrooms, primed the living room and dinning room, scraped paint off the windows (no idea how that got there), put in the kitchen appliances and ordered new flooring. We got the BEST deals ever on appliances:
Fridge: $100
KitchenAid dishwasher (only 2 years old): $45
Oven/stove: $30
They all work great and besides a few cosmetic issues like chipped paint they look awesome!
We loved playing in the yard so much, we got so tired but had so much fun. Mom took a video, but our internet's so slow I can't upload it to YouTube, grrr!
Here are some of the pictures of our new house and yard, and I'll post a house tour video once everything's completed.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

The kitchen sink and the $45 dishwasher
The kitchen. It's a lot bigger then it looks, and it has a nice big window that look s out to the yard. Yes, it will be painted!
The big fireplace. I blend in!
The $100 fridge. That's chalkboard paint on the front, BTW
Pregger Plymouth enjoying the huge covered patio
This is half of our yard. It goes farther to the right, then there's the other side that's just a bit smaller then this picture
Carpet mountain!
The "before" picture of the $30 stove. We touched up the chips in the front and it looks good as new!


  1. Oh I like all the work you have done! And what a nice big yard! Enjoy!!

  2. Wow that's a big big back yard!
    I just know your going to have so much fun sniffing and chasing stuff all over.
    My mom loves a yellow kitchen, even if you are going to paint it. :(
    can't wait to see the house tour. Hope your internet gets faster too.
    BOl we almost missed seeing you in front of the fire place.

  3. You and your humans have been very busy, I see! It's coming along great, I can't wait to see it once it's all finished! :]

  4. That's exciting! We just moved into our new home last month and we barked at every new sound, too. It drove mom and dad nuts. What's more fun is they haven't put anything up on the windows yet, so we can see all the action outside 24/7. Have fun finding all your favorite sunny spots to lay in.
    Dylan, Dixie and Vanessa

  5. Hey Nola. You guys seem to be busy this week. I love the Fridge. Does that mean since you guys used chalkboard paint, you could write on it like a blackboard?

    By the way, I might be a little out of the bloggy world because my lappy's busted. HUHUHUH

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. Oh wow! We love your yard. It looks like it's going to be a place of endless fun!

  7. Oh my Dog Nola - Mum loves home makeovers, you will keep her intrigued forever!
    We love your kitchen, it is going to look so nice. The chalkboard fridge is wonderful and such great bargains too.
    That is one BIG fireplace and your garden looks as big as the park at the back of our house, soooo jealous :)
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. hey Nola,

    Oh My Dawg! Great yard! It is huge! I bet you have a blast running and playing around your new yard! Fun!! And your humans have done so much work already on your new home, I bet they are pooped! How great they found such awesome deals on the appliances! I love the photo of you at your new fireplace. Very cute!

    Can't wait for the video tour, and the video of you enjoying your pawsome new yard!


  9. the new yeard is amazing!!! I love the whit kitchen cabinets, what great deal on all the appliances and congrats!!!

  10. Your new house looks so lovely and what a yard! I can't wait to see more as you make it into your home.

  11. Your new home looks amazing!! What a great deal on the appliances! I love the chalkboard finish on the fridge. How handy will that be! My favorite thing is your fireplace though! I just love it! Can't wait to see a tour. Enjoy your awesome yard!!

  12. what bargains you guys got. yay!! We love bargains too. Looks good and cant wait to see it all afterwards. Love the chalkboard fridge and you will Love, love ,love the BIG backyard!!


  13. Wow, you all did so much on your first visit. We can just tell it is going to be a great home for all. Bet you can't wait to get back to that big back yard. Maybe play some more Queen of the rug mountain:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Wow!!! That's a huge back yard. We only have a little one--that's why we go for so many walks. Great bargains, and you'll soon be all comfy in the new house.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. OMD OMD you got WONDERFUL deals on the appliances!!! I am crazy over the fireplace and the kitchen made my mom DROOL.

  16. The yard looks great for doing zoomies in!

  17. WOWZERS! Everything looks AWESOME!

  18. What amazing deals on the appliances! You look great in front of that fireplace!

  19. The yard is HUGE!! I can't wait to see the finished house!!


  20. Wow! You have been busy! It looks like a lot of hard work but I bet you are having fun!

  21. Wow!
    You found the appliances at the best prices!
    I know it is hard work all the make-over but sure it is going to look pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Looks like a fun adventure! Great deals!

  23. Oh to be young and has energy....

  24. This is so exciting to have a new house
    Benny & Lily

  25. Your new house is already so full of love! It has lots of possibilities and it seems like you all are incredible bargain hunters! We wish you much happiness here.

  26. Wow that all looks very exciting! And that is some yard that you've got! Deccy x

  27. What a nice house and yard you have. I bet you will have a blast playing back there. Mommy loves the fireplace, it will be so nice when it is chilly out. I can't wait to see more. Get some rest now, I am sure there is plenty for you to do

    Loveys Sasha

  28. Nola,
    You are such a big helper!
    So many congratulations on your new home!

  29. That looks like the most wonderful new home.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  30. You are a very lucky girls Nola! Your hoomans found you a great house to live in with such a beautiful yard too. Look at all that outdoor space you have to run around in. You're gonna be in heaven out there (even tho you gotta share that space with the preggo one.) We can't wait to see more pictures of the house as you slowly turn it into a home.

    Hugs baby girl,
    Lily Belle

  31. So that's what a yard is! Wow! Looks like great fun! We love the yellow kitchen! You sure got grreat bargains on your appliances! The carpet hill looks like fun. You don't get as dirty. We love the fireplace photo -it's like, "where's Nola?"

  32. what good work!

    Stop on by for a visit

  33. Nola....
    I must be losing my mind!! This is completely normal, I guess, for a 28 year old with short-term memory loss!! Sigh.... I seriously thought that I'd already commented on this post!! Oh well, here it is now!! I repeat: Sigh.... ;-}
    It is pretty neat how when somebody new moves, they partake in many necessary adjustments to make the house a home!! ;)
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

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