Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vaccines: Where Do You Stand?

Hi all! Happy first of March! Before we begin, Vancouver went to his new home yesterday! Second, my aunt A has bronchitis, and we'd really appreciate if you could send her some good thoughts for a fast recovery.
Now, I want to know what you all think about vaccines. I go to the vet in April for my yearly exam and my rabies vaccine. Mom's deciding what else (if anything) to let them give me. We're researching but I'd love the opinions of my Blogville family. Do you think vets are over-vaccinating us? I do, to some extent. I'll you some of what I've found. Please note, I am NOT a vet, these are solely my thoughts and opinions I've formed form research. Professional advice should always be sought from a licensed veterinarian when considering vaccines and other medical issues.
New research says that many of the vaccines vets pushed yearly are good for three years, if not for life. Over-vaccinating can be just as, if not more, dangerous then going without them.
 Note from Dachshund Mommy: I'm a firm believer in less is more when it comes to vaccines, and will not have Nola vaccinated for something she is not at risk for. 
Vaccines are usually given at 6-8, 12 and 16 weeks old. Rabies is given at 6 months. Vaccines are divided into core and non-core categories:

Leptospirosis (more commonly called Lepto)
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Lyme Disease
Canine Cononavirus
Canine adenovirus-1
Rattlesnake envenomation

That's a lot isn't it? Thankfully, a lot of the non-core's you might want vaccinated for a  depends on where you live. Here is the list of shots that, from what I've read, are suppose to be good for 3+ years:

There might be more, and feel free to tell me if there are, but these were the 3 I saw most.
What I know I'm getting is the rabies vaccine (sadly it's yearly in Tallahassee) and most likely Lepto. Mom's going to ask the vet about Lyme and bordetella.
Where do you stand on vaccines, and what do you usually get? How often? Once again I am not a vet, this post is solely my opinions and research. Some good articles on vaccines can be found in the links below.
Over-Vaccinating Whole Dog Journal
Tilter Tests
Vaccinating Dogs: 10 Steps to eliminate unnecessary shots
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
What do you think?



  1. The only vaccine we get is the rabies (required by law) every three years, and our puppy shots. We don't get anything else. Ellie thinks that most dogs are over vaccinated, and there are many risks to getting yearly vaccines. She also thinks that most vaccines are good for a lot longer than vets say they are. She doesn't want to risk us getting cancer or some other nasty thing from being over vaccinated! If she ever has doubts, she will have a titer test done.

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  2. We get rabies (and the other core), bordetella (it is required to go to doggie daycare), and I was (very forcefully) talked into getting a dog flu vaccine by our vet. I couldn't say no, although I don't think it is necessary.

  3. I don's know much about this but I fully agree that I would be concerned of over-vaccinating. I bought the vaccines for Tucker and had my daughter give them. I also did not get the combo shot with the Lepto in it as I had read of some terrible reactions in giving a puppy Lepto with the other boosters. He received his Lepto and the rabies later. I only do the Bordetella if we are boarding as that is required by the kennel. However, we don't usually board. But if you are around a lot of unknown dogs at a dog park you may want to think about that choice. After all you don't know the other persons pets care.

    Because vets charge so much for vaccines I either buy mine online or go to a vaccine clinic at our local pet store. I then bring in the shot record for the vet to put in our poochie's files.

  4. I need to make myself more knowledgeable in this area. I know I'm very careful that we're up-to-date on rabies since Greyhounds do catch things in the yard on occasion and because we travel with them. I opted out of the Lepto because our living location seemed to make that not likely to be caught. Otherwise, I do what the vet says, because I haven't educated myself. I do believe that less is often more, and I applaud you for learning these things so you can make the best decision for you and Nola.

  5. My mom doesn't have strong feelings, really one way or the other. At my yearly check-up, also in April, I'm getting rabies...shot that is...and what's required for boarding (DHP and Bortella. Mom has to ask if there's anything else). Otherwise, Mom and Dad consider the likelihood of infection and decide how important it is. For example, rattlesnakes aren't common where we live, nor do they live where we travel, so that's one they'd skip. Ticks are more common, especially since we travel to a wooded area in the summers, so they might opt for Lyme disease, although they didn't last time.

  6. I had all my puppy shots then yearly vaccinations until Mommy found out it could do more harm than good. That was in 2008. I've not had a vaccination since as Mommy feels the risk of me getting something is very low as I stay indoors, and don't socialise with other dogs. She also spoke to both my vet and acupuncturist who agree that I can probably do without any further vaccinations. According to some research, it is important to have all the puppy shots AND the first year booster.

  7. My dogs have always gotten Distemper, Hepetitis, Para, Leptospirosis and Rabies yearly. We trust our vet and go with what he recommends. Years ago one of our dogs who was two, got distemper and was very ill. She recovered but was in the hospital a long time. Since Fred and Gloria always have their noses into everything I will stick with this yearly coverage. We have friends who don't get any shots so I guess it's what ever each individual is comfortable with. Good luck!

  8. I just get what my vet tells me too....there certainly aren't that many so that's good....

  9. we got those first 3 puppy boosters, and rocket is not old enough for his year old booster. yuki got her booster, at about 15-16 months, she got the dhpp booster that lasts for 3 years. since we could not book an appointment exactly 1 week before she was due for rabies, we had no choice but to get the yearly one. we were one week too late for the rabies, but if we were able to get the appointment the week we needed to, we would have qualified for the three year rabies vaccination. i don't mind giving them the booster every 3 years, the one i'm unsure of is the canine cough one. yuki got the vaccination and for a day she actually got the cough, very scary. i read up on that vaccination and that one doesn't even cover all of the viruses that cause kennel cough. since it's something that most dogs recover from, like a human would a cold, i'm still deciding on wether that's one that they need.

  10. We get our puppy shots and then yearly vaccinations, which aren't a lot, untill the age of 7/8 years and then we do not have any. Mum has researched and found that vaccinations can often do more harm than good, especially in the older dog and that they actually do last 3 years or more so are only really necessary yearly for those of us that are boarded in kennels at times. One of my Mums Yorkies died aged 9 years only weeks after her annual vaccination from kidney failure and Mum feels that the yearly vaccination may have been behind the kidney failure after doing loads of research so will not vaccinate us after 7/8 years of age now.
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  11. I just had my Kennel Cough shot Yesteday. I don't get the Lyme or any of the other Optionals. My mom will NOT allow me (OR ERNIE) to have more than one shot per WEEK. she goes BACK the following week for any shot that is ever needed.

  12. We're lucky that we don't have some of those diseases rabies. We have VERY strict quarantine laws. So we get the three main ones and kennel cough because sometimes we go camping at the kennel.

    Then we take heartworm tablets every month...instead of the annual needle because she can be sure we're wormed all the time.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We've never had any problems with vaccines.

  13. I do think that dogs are overvaccinated! Meadow handles shots fine, but Beckett is highly allergic to an additive in EVERY single shot, so I'm extremely careful what shots are given and when.

    I love my vet, but his answer to everything is a shot...and I just don't agree. Good thing he appreciates a good discussion and when I bring medical journal articles to back me up.

  14. We are lucky because we are rabies free here in the UK but we still do need annual shots for things like Parvo.


  15. Well we has everything, I think...hehehe. We even has da kennel cough cuz we has to be boarded...ugh! Nows da parvo skeeres me cuz yu can still gets it even withs da shot and mum ain't takin' no chances...especially withs da neighbor's not havin' their dogs vaccinated.
    We has also heard from many many sources dat vaccines can actually last fur several years too.


  16. I think the last time I was vaccinated was 2 years ago!!

  17. Lots of good advice here! We get rabies b/c it is required under bylaw here. Eleanor is allergic to the lepto vaccine so we definitely skip that, No need for anything else (in our case).

  18. Here in Polk County we only need rabies shots every 3 years. Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) is very allergic to the rabies shot and has to stay at the vet's office all day on the day he gets them so they can monitor him and give him shots for allergic reactions throughout the day. He also gets VERY VERY sick from the other vaccines so we haven't let him have any for the past 2 years. We are definitely in favor of only vaccinating when it's really necessary.

  19. Momma, too, is very concerned about over vaccinations. In ABQ they allow the 3 year rabies but if you want to use a professional grromer or day care or dog parks your pet must have bordatella and some of the other shots as well. And since we hike in the mountain woods, Dr. Julia still suggests the Lyme disease shot even though we stay on trails.

    Momm'a biggest concern is the research that is beginning to reveal that over vaccination can leads to some forms of cancer in both dogs and cats.

  20. We is lucky, our vet does not believe in over vaccinating. Dr Carol is the bestest. She gives us only what we need and takes into consideration our ages, activities and what other animals wes comes into contact with. Mommy always asks about vaccinations before she picks a new vet because of what happened to a before cat.

  21. Hi Nola - it's rocket science to me.
    We just get Rabies, distemper/parvo that's all mom remembers.
    I go back in June so, we'll see what they do.

    Mom says thanks for the post, it's interesting!

    Cute picture of you! *Smile*

    - Hildy

  22. Since I started feeding raw, I've found that a lot of other raw feeders don't do vaccines, either. I haven't done a tone of research, but most of what I found seems to match what you have. My dogs were vaccinated as recommended by the vet up until last June (so that means everything). I have decided to stop vaccinating and stop giving heartworm/flea medicine, except for rabies. I really don't want to do the rabies, either, but it is required by law, so I will give in and allow that one.


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