Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Long Overdue Introductions and Some For The New Comers

Hi all! Today I'm going to introduce you to some of blog's less frequently mentioned cast, as well as reintroduce you all and my new furiends to the main cast.
Okay here we go!
                                       Dachshund Nola
                                               a.k.a  The Spitfire

I'm a 1 year old,  8lb (barely), smooth haired Sable miniature Dachshund. I'm named after  New Orleans LouisianA or NOLA. This blog is about ME, and my life as a crazy, fun loving Doxie. I have corn and soy allergies, so I'm the reason we eat homemade food.  There really are no words to describe me, stick around and you'll see why!

                     a.k.a Auggie, Minion Number 1, Little Blond Thing, Brother

Auggie is my favorite minion/chew toy/brother. He's a 1 year old 12-13lb, smooth red dilute Tweenie Dachshund. He's a few crayons short of a Crayola box, but he's so sweet, loving and tolerant he makes up for it. It doesn't hurt that he's very handsome either. He has an incredible nose and loves to track anything and everything that moves. Auggie is a HUGE chow hound, and because of that the peeps have to watch what he eats. Speaking of which, he has a major sweet tooth and once ate an entire bag of sour gummi worms on the way to Richmond VA. He then vomited in the car. ALL OVER SWEETIE!!!

                            a.k.a Minion Number 2, Sister and Clingy Girl
Sorry for the crappy picture but Boston doesn't enjoy the camera. Strange creature

Boston is a 1 1/2 year old, 12 lb, smooth red dapple Tweenie Dachshund. She LOVES people, other dogs, and cats and is the social butterfly of us three. She is INCREDIBLY clingy with Sugar and is very unhappy when he leaves. She loves tennis balls and hates the water. Boston and I had a rocky relationship at first, but it's smoothed out nicely now and will even more when she gets spayed in the next few weeks.

                                    a.k.a Minion number 3, Mini Me, Little Sis
Charlotte was 6 weeks old in this picture.

Charlotte is the 8 week old, shaded red daughter of Boston and Auggie. She's a feisty little mini me and I love playing with her (very gently).
                                        a.k.a Kitty Sister, Crackhead

Saphira is my 5 1/2 (roughly) year old rescued kitty sister. She is an absolute catnip addict, hence her nickname of Crack Head. She's very mischievous and incredibly smart, and loves dogs. Last year she went missing for 2 months, only to be found again at our local shelter. You can read about that adventure here and here.

                                              a.k.a Grumpy Pants

Star is just a little bit older then Saphira, we adopted them at the same time and from the same shelter. Star is a massively fluffy, massively cranky, massively lazy long haired tortoiseshell cat. She's not the friendliest but we love her anyway. We will have had Star and Saphira six years on Oct. 20th.

                                                The Chickens
                                       a.k.a Mom won't let me eat them

We have nine chickens: Hippie Chick, Dinette, Alexandrea Halmilton, Wendy, BBQ, Ketchup, Mayo, Speckle and Mustard. Despite the names, the chickens are for pets and eggs only (I have no idea why people waste perfectly tasty chickens). No rosters here, its a girls only club for them!
                                        a.k.a Mom won't let me eat him either

George is a hermit crab. He doesn't do much. At all. He spends most of his time in his coconut house or in his bath tub.
So that's the gang! What do you think? Is there anyone you didn't know?
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. I loved hearing about each of you, especially because I didn't know about your blog that long ago.

    We have hens too and love our tasty big eggs that they lay. No roosters here either.

    You all are adorable!

  2. Wait...did I miss you telling us that the other babies found homes?! I'm happy that Charlotte is staying with you!

  3. Wow! That was just like watching the stars come down the red carpet! Hmmm.....I didn't know about Saphira, Star, the chickens or George! It was great to meet the whole family Nola!!

  4. What a great family! Loved learning about them all.

  5. I did NOT know you had chickens. Love their names. Our furend has a bunch of HENS Only.. One of them is named .. Chicken Dinner! She sometimes lays TWO eggs in a day... and she lays at least ONE every day of the year.

  6. How fun to meet everyone! I can't remember when I started following you, but I was surprised that the Saphira recovery wasn't all that long ago! What a wonderful thing! That would be a fun tale to re-tell, especially since it has such a happy ending.

  7. You do have a huge cast of characters! We can't believe those chickens are pets either.....what a waste, although, we like eggs, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Who knew that you had such a bIG gang?? Pretty snazzi!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  9. Wow! There are so many of yous! Me is happy that yous has managed to make sure that yous is the center of it all - just like mes!

  10. Hawooo wooo! That's quite the pack there Nola! Pops says no chickens for us....zeesh. Play bows,


  11. I did not know that you were only 8 pounds! That is so small! Is that usually how big doxies get?

  12. What a big family and all so handsome and pretty, too. Chickens? They do taste good, but we like eggs, too.

    Thanks for the intro. What about your humans...

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  13. I didn't know the complete pack - but I read all about your missing, then found, puss-cat - boy - she was lucky!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  14. thanks for the intro, since we are newbies to your blog, it was nice to read about everyone!!

    yuki and rocket

  15. thank you for the intoductions
    Benny & Lily

  16. Wow, Nola! Your family is almost as big as mine! It was so nice to meet all of you!

  17. Nice to meet you all!! You have more critters than we do!!

  18. Golly! We had no idea. Yes, we knew about your canine siblings but no idea about the kitties, or the chickens or George! Thanks for the introductions, Nola!

  19. Oh my word, Nola! I never knew you had such a big family! How pawesome!

  20. You got yourself a HUGE family! Hoe cool is that, bet you never brt bored. Thanks for sharing with us.

  21. Wow! I didn't know you had doxie brothers and sisters! There's always room for more dachshunds.


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