Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hi every Dox! Sweetie ordered me a new harness and it should be here by tomorrow or the next day. It's sky blue and from Puppia! I love the name! Puppia Puppia Puppia! Anyway, so we have a new member  of the family! She's a Dachshund and her name is Boston! In case you didn't notice, all our names are of cities. So Boston is a smooth haired red dapple. She's 11lb. We're not sure yet, but we think she's pregnant with Augustine's babies! If she's preg, she's almost a month along. She's eating more, sleeping more, has gained some weight and her nipples are growing, lol. But back to me, Queen of Everything. I went to the dog park on Saturday for the first time since I was spayed. There was a horribly fat Doxie their! Poor little (not really) thing! I also went to Petsmart, I weight 5lb 3oz! So tiny! I met a baby Doxie named Lulu, she was only 11 weeks. Bigger then I was at that age. We also met a beautiful Mastiff named Henry. He was 7 months old and enormous!!! I like to chase tadpole at the pond in our neighborhood. I will be 7 months old one Friday, and I'll also go to the vet that day.

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