Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The 3 Doxies

About us.

Me: I may be tiny but deep down I know I am a Pit Bull. I'm smart, funny, beautiful, and beloved by everyone. I'm the boss of us three. I love cats but most of them don't like me, which makes me very sad. I love to chase tadpoles and dig in the mud. I love car rides and the beach. And FOOD! Of all of us, I love toys the most.

Augustine: He's handsome and loving but dumb as a box of rocks. But we love him anyway. He adores food and is very lazy. He doesn't mind walks but doesn't like them much either. He is my constant shadow and minion.

Boston: She's calm and snuggly and is the friendliest if the 3 of us. She likes to go on walks and runs. She doesn't know what to think of the cats. She loves chewies! Her favorites are bully sticks. She's the peacemaker, often breaking up me and Auggie when we play fight to rough.

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