Monday, March 7, 2011

Things every Dachshund should have(the pic is of some of my toys)

Here are things that I have that no Dachshund should be without.

1. STAIRS. No matter what you use them for (beds, couches, chairs) EVERY Dachshund should have them. They're better for our backs, and easy for us to get up and down. My mom's having trouble making me go DOWN them, but we'll get there.    

2. LIFE JACKET. Most of us Doxies love the water but our little legs make it hard for us to stay afloat. So get us a life jacket and we are much happier and have more fun in the sun.

3. BIG BLANKET. I love snuggling up in Mommy's warm thick blanket. I can burrow, hide, stretch out and just chill. Mom gets mad cause I keep taking it off our(her) bed but I tell her to share.

4. DRY SHAMPOO. Mom loves this because it gets me clean and I smell great plus it's much easier then a real bath. Mom uses it daily on me cause I sleep in bed with her.

5.LOTS LOTS OF TOYS. I love love LOVE toys!!!!!!!! Good ones for Dachshunds are Kong, the ones with no stuffing, and long snakes.

6.VEST HARNESS. I love this because its quick and easy to put on, is gentle on my back and neck and keeps me warm in winter and cool in summer. Mines hot pink.

7.Love. That's really all we want( but the things listed above are a great bonus)

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