Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doxie Tips

1. Start house training ASAP!!!!!!!!! Mom started with me when I was 7 weeks and by 4 months I'm completely trained. Mom says out of all the dogs she's had I was the easiest with house training.

2. Do not EVER raise your voice to your Doxie. EVER!!!!

3 .Daily walks are a must. If we don't get exercised we get bored and fat.

4. Buy stairs.

5. SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Never let a stranger or child pick up your Doxie. Our backs are can be seriously hurt if we are dropped or held wrong.

7.  DO take your Doxie to a dog park made for small dogs. If there's a big dog in there DO NOT bring us in. The last time Mom and me were at the dog park someone's bog dog attacked a little dog.

8. Treat your Doxie like part of the family, because we are.


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