Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doxie Personality By Coat Type

Each Dachshund coat type has a different personality.

SMOOTH: Brave, loyal, extremely smart, the smooths are the original Dachshund and tend to be one person or one family dogs, being fairly aloof with strangers. They are usually the ones that bark the most and require the least amount of grooming.

LONG: Very outgoing and the friendliest of all three Doxies. The longhairs were produced by crossing smooth Doxies with small spaniels, which is what makes them so relaxed. They need to be brushed about twice a week and the fur on their feet may need trimming.

WIRE: Often described as the terriers of the hound group, the wires have a strong terrier background and are the clowns of the family. This is the least common coat type in the U.S.  The fur is course and must be stripped (the dead hairs pulled out) twice a year and brushing once or twice a week. If not stripped the fur starts to look like a tumble weed.

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