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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Black and White Sunday

Nikon D3300
35mm lens
ISO 400 

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Olivia is (almost) One!

Well, she'll be one tomorrow, but I didn't have anything to post about today. :p

I can't believe she's a year old! She's an amazing dog. Very laid back, go with the flow type of girl, at least until a toy comes out! She loves to dig, loves to antagonize Pike, loves to mess with any and all small animals. She's been a perfect addition to the family. She's shorter and thicker built than Nola, though Nola still has a pound or so on her. I'm not sure if Liv will catch up; I remember Nola didn't reach her adult weight until nearly two and a half. Either way, she's perfect!

Around 5 months old
Last week.

She always looks so somber!

4 months

I think this is...10 or 11 months? Haven't done a stacked shot lately.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: She Puts Up With So Much

The pull your forehead wrinkles waaaaaay back. Or, as I call it, The Botox.

The faux choke hold, which is really just the underside of her jaw being rubbed. I wonder if I can call this pose Choking The Chicken. She is a wiener dog, after all.

Shar Pei.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Musings: The Favorite Age

Hey, guys!

Happy Monday! Can you all believe that June is nearly over? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this year is flying by. Lately it seems like I just can't sit and focus long enough to write a lengthy blog post, hence why the blog has been very picture-oriented the past few weeks. I sound like a broken record saying this, but with the dogs, work, planning a business and running two blogs, I get a bit overwhelmed at times. I love it, I really do, but sometimes I need a nap. ;)

Today's topic is something that I've been thinking about the past few days, especially with Olivia's first birthday being on Saturday. The question I've asked myself is, what life stage or age have I enjoyed most in my dogs? Pike had his first birthday in February of this year, too, so having two rambunctious adolescents has reminded me of the best and worst things about our pups growing up.

I enjoy the little puppy stage, where everything is a new experience for them and they're such little sponges. Alright, so house breaking and crate training (during the night, especially) aren't the most enjoyable things imaginable, but watching just how quickly the develop is fascinating to me.
I can't believe she was so little! Don't let that sweet face fool you though - she's always been a little shark.

I don't mind the 6-12 month period where they can be naughty little snots. I enjoy the challenges my teenaged dogs have presented to me, though Nola kept me on my toes more than anyone else! A highly energetic and highly intelligent dog with a gift for problem solving is enough to make anyone's head spin.

The 18 months to two years is an interesting one. They're still developing and coming into themselves (especially if you have a slow to mature breed or your dog's line is slower), but it so much more subtle than when they were tiny little piranhas. This is where the connection you build with your puppy really starts to come out, at least with my dogs. It gives such a sense of accomplishment when you become a team with your dog, instead of just an instructor.

I have to say though, I think Nola's age right now might be my favorite of all. She'll be five years old in October, and I couldn't love how she's matured more. She's still so energetic, so driven, and needs a lot of stimulation in order not to be a tiny terror, but her pattern is firmly in place. She's set with how her thought process and reactions work, and the way she can stop and actually think now is so neat to see. I had to do a lot of impulse work with her that didn't start becoming second nature to her until around two and a half. She's in the prime of her life, and we're past the surprises that puppyhood and the teenaged phase can hold. It's a very secure age for her.

What's been your favorite age with your dog?

- Dachshund Mommy